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  1. I find that Heinz Beans are more to my taste than Crosse & Blackwell or any own brands, or I used to before I discovered Tabasco and moved on the Encona (Sriracha is a bit too garlicky for me in this particular dish). With Encona, any brand works just fine …

  2. On Beans- i was in the habit of buying more than i ate. The solution to draw down the stock was to rinse the tomato sauce off and you can use them in more things- even make your own sauce. Also its one of those quirky things – beans with tomato sauce probably 50% the price of plain tinne haricot.

  3. @Excavator Man

    I prefer Branston (Crosse & Blackwell) to Heinz Beans. My flavour buds told me add 1-2 drops of HP sauce to 1/2 tin Tesco beans for similar taste to Branston

    I’ve just watched Inside The Factory – Heinz Beans on Smithsonian: every single bean is camera inspected and discoloured removed. In steel factory red-hot foot thick slab goes through series of rollers until 2mm thick at 30-40mph. Tech is very impressive
    …and world’s first cannining factory was in London

  4. Supermarket Watch – Morrisons today @ 1745

    No Flour or yeast, ~20x semi-skimed only UHT, Pasta: only 5kg bags of Marshall’s Macaroni (catering industry packaging), Rice: ~15 x Savers 1kg and as before lots of expensive Uncle Ben’s pre-cooked, Tinned: ~60%, many gaps, Bread: close to normal, but reduced range of in-store baked, Veg: 60% normal, Fruit: 50% normal. Newspapers: brain click today – sales have been up for over a week

    …and No Que to Enter

  5. Here in Hong Kong we also get the Ayam brand of baked beans (a Singaporean company that produces them in Malaysia, I think). They use larger beans than Heinz and are much better. I’m not really a baked bean fan, but rather like these.

  6. Since frijoles are part of our S. American diet, here, if I get a rare urge for baked beans I just make them from scratch with the dried beans at about 1:20€/kg. But I make the original baked beans from my childhood. When Heinz used to have pork fat & bits of meat in them. And were actually baked in an oven. The original inspiration was actually cassoulet, wasn’t it? The canned shit heated in a saucepan I haven’t eaten for years. Classification, along with tinned spaghetti, as childrens’ food. Too bland. Like eating flavoured toilet roll.

  7. MC
    Yup. I buy those here in Thailand. We also have “English recipe” variant which is apparently just extra sugar, extra price.

  8. @Pcar,

    I used to love HP sauce until they moved the manufacture to somewhere in the EU, removed the French from the label “Cette sauce de haute qualite est un melange des fruits et des epices ..” (from memory), and altered the taste. Ditto Branston pickle.

  9. @Excavator Man

    Blame Gov’t, NHS, PHE for flavour change. HP et al told to ‘voluntarily’ reduce sugar and salt or a law would be passed compelling them to

    Ruined the flavour of Ginsters Chicken & Mushroom slice too, I never buy now

    I enjoyed reading label(s), cereal packets etc as a child too, so many new words

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