An expensive shag

Kyle Walker has apologised after it emerged that he hired two escorts to visit his apartment during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Manchester City and England defender is facing a fine from his club that could be up to two weeks’ salary — about £240,000 — for the incident, which occurred last Tuesday and in the early hours of Wednesday.

Thought footballers got their choices of freebies anyway…..

Yes, yes, we do know the joke, the payment is to get them to leave afterwards…..

5 thoughts on “An expensive shag”

  1. I liked the hooker’s outrage that he had simply ignored the government’s clear guidelines AS IF SHE WASN’T THERE.

    This soumds like the Jeremy Corbyn Escort Agency: they’ll be present but not actively participating.

  2. Is it because he had a gathering of more than 2, had he not gone for the 3 way option would he have been ok?
    Also does the increased risk lead to price rises or does a drop in demand lead to a decrease in prices, assuming more customers drop out of the market than suppliers I suppose. Does it count as part of your bourse exercise in the U.K.?

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