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An initial qualification perhaps, but not a continuing requirement

His train is also believed to be staffed by “lady conductors” picked from his “Pleasure Squad” or Gippeumjo.

This group of 2,000 or so women are medically certified as virgins and are paid to entertain Kim and other high-ranking officials, primarily through sex.

The virginity that is.

23 thoughts on “An initial qualification perhaps, but not a continuing requirement”

  1. Probably a large turnover. If the Nork Nomenklatura prize virginity to that degree, then they are mostly as disposable as a tissue. Perhaps the odd one can do a Scheherazade and keep her rapist captivated for a while, but not for long. I wonder where the soiled tissues go after use?

  2. “He’s estimated to be worth at least $5billion (£4million)…”

    Well, it *is* The Sun. But even so, you’d expect them to avoid Grauniadesque errors.

  3. Snarks and sniggers (both, well deserved) aside, let’s not forget the scale and depth of the monstrousness.

    We hem, haw, mither, mop, and mow over the Plight of Africa/Mexico/whatever. Presumably because even the most intellectually dishonest Guardian hackette hasn’t yet found a way to blame white men for Norkism.

    But those poor sods in Nork?

    I hope he’s dying, slowly, in a vat. With mice nibbling his nibbly bits.

  4. Rhiannon Lucy Coslett’s* editorial task for tomorrow: blame the so-called Glorious Gloucesters for the depravity of the last 70 years of North Korea’s history.

    * Pol, Amdanduh, that more than usually ugly half-caste, whoever …

  5. I take all these stories with a pinch of salt, at least concerning the most gruesomely detailed stuff. We don’t know so many Big Things about NK, why would we get the little things right? Particularly if it is fed through us via sources like South Korean intelligence and North Korean defectors, all anxious to paint the most appalling picture conceivable? It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the elaborate Bond-style fantasy executions we hear rumours about, the fate of the allegedly disloyal some of whom later turn out to still be alive, are even encouraged by elements of the NK regime to maintain appropriate levels of fear.

    I’ve no doubt which side of the Korean border I would rather have lived even when the South had its own dictators, but it’s the details like “medically certified to be virgins” or “executed by anti-aircraft gun by the Dear Leader personally” we can probably safely assign as “NK-related legend”, and perhaps some of the legends will turn out to be exaggerations based on fact while a few will even turn out to be true. But that’s about the most that can be hoped for.

  6. M’Lud: Devoutly to be wished, but the mice thing is a bit wimpy, no? Tied down on a suitably vicious ants nest might be more appropriate.

  7. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    Funny you hear much out of Spud about the sort of income inequality one finds in places like North Korea.

  8. “He’s estimated to be worth at least $5billion”

    Robert Mugabe was similarly reputed to be worth billions because of the vast wealth he and his fellow kleptocrats stole from Zimbabwe, but in the end that vast wealth didn’t help him a jot when the decided he had to go.

    Same will apply with Kim Jung Un. If they decide he needs to go it will simply get done by whomever is the power behind the next puppet…I mean “Great Leader”. Then they will have a vast state funeral for the dearly departed with his replacement suitably suited-and-booted.

    It’s just the Nork version of theatre on a vast scale. Nothing will actually change until China collapses, reforms or simply gets tired of the Kim’s and decides to give them the heave ho.

  9. even the most intellectually dishonest Guardian hackette hasn’t yet found a way to blame white men for Norkism

    Come on, this one is easy. The USA (run by white men) in the 1950s (even whiter) fought a war against North Korea. The innocent Norks were reduced to abject poverty, and they never managed to recover.

    Or just go full Guardian and deny everything: NKers under communism actually live wholesome, fulfilling, low-carbon lives, eschewing western decadence like junk food and trial by jury. They even have a cunning plan to avoid Covid-19 by killing the virus (and its hosts).

  10. They even have a cunning plan to avoid Covid-19 by killing the virus

    Except that the most recent Nork border jumper tested positive for COVID-19.

  11. Or nudged into a blast furnace, Mr Gent. 75 minutes after being force-fed half a pint of bleach.

    But I reminisce.

  12. Edward Lud,

    “We hem, haw, mither, mop, and mow over the Plight of Africa/Mexico/whatever. Presumably because even the most intellectually dishonest Guardian hackette hasn’t yet found a way to blame white men for Norkism.

    But those poor sods in Nork?”

    Well, that’s partly about colonial guilt, partly that black people > chinese people in victimhood poker, and it’s also just that they’ve got nothing to run. Band Aid had footage of starving children. It’s hard to get anything out of NK.

    The North Korea famine of the mid-90s killed something like half a million people. Do you remember anyone mentioning it? The likes of UNICEF and most western governments knew about. There was a lot of help given. But did you see it on News at 10?

  13. MSM medically certified as suffering BDS, CDS and TDS

    Arron Banks Wins Case Against Electoral Commission

    BDS: C4 News gave a 30 sec report near end. No discussion, interrogation of Electoral Commission – bury asap

    – Aus not so prone to TDS
    ‘No doubt in my mind Hydroxychloriquine is very effective’ against COVID-19, that’s why I bought 32.9 Million doses for Aus

    No doubt in my mind the CDS/TDS @BiGs still complaining “Not proven in full multi-year clinical trials, some might die, better to let all die” and “There’s a [fake] shortage, let them die”

    – Sanity
    Business owners and not academics ‘should be consulted when re-opening the economy’


    Convents in West. Children in RoP/Norkistan

  14. @Gamecock

    Royal Oak, Michigan Commissioner Kim Gibbs is fighting back after being censured for attending a protest against the governor’s stay-at-home orders

    Election year politics is trumping practical thinking, real science
    “We warned you weeks ago that liberals would try to keep their states locked down as long as possible, whatever their actual COVID numbers, regardless of the economic carnage”

    UK doing same: only people working and paid are Labour voting state employees

    I would not be surprised if evil Left – Ferguson & PHE* etc – impoverishing and killing Tory & Brexit voters

    * Ferguson & PHE – send CV19 patients back to care homes before non-infectious

  15. Itellyounothing

    Pcar anyone earning cash in hand or who is only paid on the day is turning up if their business is open. Building sites boom and nobody dares try and stop them…..

  16. As the government is afraid the end the lockdown officially because of “granny killer” headlines, the logical thing to do is scale back enforcement and let nature take it’s course.

  17. Pcar–Johnson has a plan to piss on his own voters? Doesn’t sound too bright.

    That is the real trouble–that Blojo is a BlueLabour idiot who really believes Sunak’s funny money can tide us all over. Until Bloj reaches peak virtue signal.

    If he was right it would be a good plan. But his ignorance of what really happens when you fuck an economy will be his undoing.

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