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Anyone know how to do video editing?

In this video here:

Apparently we get this:


If you have the stamina to listen for only a few mins, that is all it takes for Murphy to volunteer, gratuitously, that he is at the moment a professor at 3 universities, in different subjects.

I think that might be a handy cut out and keep quote if someone can edit down to just that specific 15 seconds or whatever it is…..

18 thoughts on “Anyone know how to do video editing?”

  1. I have some software. As I presume someone else has sat through this dreck, can someone give me the time codes and I’ll extract it

  2. Dennis, He Who Has Been Deemed Essential (Who Knew?)

    Does he not know how pompous he sounds?

    If he did he wouldn’t be Richard Murphy.

  3. Hmmm, I can only find two on his site:

    – Visiting Professor for accounting related issues, City of Sheffield Training College
    – Visiting Professor at Cambridge School of Art – subjects unlisted

    He’s left:
    – Senior Lecturer Emeritus at Islington Technical College – Professor of Practice in International Political Economy

  4. I always use the video editor on Real Player to cut sections out of video downloads. And to join them together, Free Video Joiner. It’ll also convert dissimilar formats so the finished product’s output as what you want & the same display size.

  5. Real video editors use ffmpeg 🙂

    Several of them probably use that or related libraries under the hood. Personally I use avidemux on Linux to edit out commercials then use ffmpeg to recode into H.264/AAC to reduce the size.

  6. “City of Sheffield Training College”? I live in Sheffield and have never heard of that.


    Does he mean Sheffield City Training College? Which in 1966 became Sheffield City College of Education and in 1969 was merged into Sheffield Polytechnic. How old is this idiot? Is he the Doogie Howser of economics?

  7. “Visiting Professor at Cambridge School of Art”? Is he teaching finger painting? That’s about analogous to his level of skill in economics.

  8. You’ve got rid of the picture on the video – now get rid of the sound and you’ll have it cracked

  9. . . . he is at the moment a professor at 3 universities, in different subjects.

    I have to wonder – professor? Or adjunct professor?

    At least over here, there is a distinction in that adjuncts are part-timers who are hired on a semester-to-semester basis to teach. They *used* to be people from industry come back to impart some real-world experience to students but nowadays they are people who got over-educated but weren’t able to snag a tenure-track position. Its not glamorous work (even if it is useful work) and people don’t brag about it.

    They’re not people universities grab to brag about having them on their faculty, they’re people used to fill in when there aren’t enough faculty to teach all the classes.

  10. @jgh

    I live in Sheffield and have never heard of that.


    Is he teaching finger painting?

    I’m being facetious, and taking liberties, with the names of the institutions.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    Didn’t he say in one of his posts that he isn’t being paid for any of those positions?

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