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Architects think of themselves as artistic types

So this isn’t about, can’t be, who he has been consensually shagging:

The president of the Royal Institute for British Architects has stepped back from the role over a “serious incident” which has been reported to the Charity Commission.

Alan Jones, who was elected RIBA president only seven months ago, emailed council members on Wednesday to say he was stepping back because “a matter has arisen” in his personal life.

The institute have since filed a “serious incident report” to the charity watchdog after Mr Jones brought a “sensitive matter” to their attention, although the details of what occurred have not been disclosed.

And it’s not going to be about money because that’s not the language used to talk about someone with fingers in the tea money pot.

So, what is it about? My best guess, entirely uninformed, would be that it’s over the issue of consent…..

16 thoughts on “Architects think of themselves as artistic types”

  1. Architects have zero artistic sense in my experience. Every building they want to put up looks like a fucking bunker – the sort of soulless concrete harsh modernist carbuncle that you see on house design programmes. I think they call it ‘clean’. I call it ‘fugly’. I’m with the Prince of Wales on this subject. Who really wants to live or work in a box?

  2. Possibly some stick-in-the-mud, took issue with his advant garde definition of professionalism. (from wiki)

    “Defining Contemporary Professionalism”, co-edited with Rob Hyde, RIBA Publishing, September 2019.”

  3. My first thought was that he was shagging one of the staff (possibly him and the accountant making dodgy expense claims together), but it says “in his personal life”.

  4. Did Eric Gill do architecture?

    Although he began training as an architect, AFAIK Gill didn’t design buildings, but did carry out a lot of the decorative work, internal and external. Famous examples include the exterior of Broadcasting House and London Transport HQ in St James’s, and the stations of the cross inside Westminster (RC) Cathedral.

  5. Jussi, thanks for that link – it were comedy gold.

    For a idea of the Brummie sense of humour, take a look at this;

    Then take a look at what it replaced;

    Then laugh when you discover that they called the internal part ‘Paradise Place’

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