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Because they meet a lot of people

From our ever popular series, questions in Guardian headlines we can answer:

Boris Johnson has coronavirus. Why do politicians seem prone to it?

9 thoughts on “Because they meet a lot of people”

  1. Black people are more likely to get it too, Somalis for instance. A relative is treating a female one at the moment,born 1964, brought to Finland because had family there, but the son is now based abroad. Can’t read, can’t write, no skills, no nothing. If she survives, the welfare state will provide a flat and expenses for the rest of her life. And healthcare and new teeth even if not needed.

    And someone asked me once why I ceased to be a taxpayer for the most part as soon as I could.

  2. @ Jussi
    I noticed that most of the doctors and nurses who have died in England from Covid-19 are various shades of brown (including the first retired returnee doctor to succumb).

  3. Got to be a little careful there Jussi because these guys who have died are British. They may have been born in Sudan/Nigeria/Ethiopia but they took British citizenship despite presumably being qualified to work in other countries including the ones they were born in.
    The names they have would look odd 25 years ago but they are pretty much a random selection of British names now.
    I notice that not many people have been pointing out that the first 4 doctors to die with this thing are all blokes.

  4. @Bongo

    @Jussi did not say ‘British’, he said ‘Black’

    Yes, I noticed too and posted yesterday. Many deaths are non-white – many as in way, way above % of population

  5. Bongo, if there is a racial element to this disease, I suspect it’s probably going to be based on genetics rather than legal nationality.

  6. ‘ Boris Johnson has coronavirus. Why do politicians seem prone to it?’

    And why have none of them died from it, it being such a devastating disease?

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