Being Christian and endorsing the neoliberal world are incompatibilities, as I read it

Will the next professorship be at a divinity college?

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  1. Cardinal Ritchielieu tells us:

    I see the whole New Testament as profoundly political

    Oh aye?

    Read the Magnificat

    I wonder how this bit goes down in Labour Party circles these days:

    He remembering his mercy hath holpen his servant Israel :
    As he promised to our forefathers, Abraham and his seed for ever.

    The Sermon on the Mount

    Is Ritchie telling us, with a straight face, that he loves his enemies?

    The attitude to the money changers

    Don’t set up a ForEx business in a temple – got it.

    The bias to the poor

    The Poor you will always have with you.

    The problem of ‘the eye of the needle’

    I don’t remember Jesus urging that rich men should be robbed so they can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Otoh, I do remember that Envy is a deadly sin.

    This is all radical politics

    The Son of Man who willingly accepted torture and death by ascending the Cross to save our souls from eternal hellfire wasn’t obviously all that interested in the petty bickering of what we call “politics”.

    The resurrection is not an endorsement of trannies, Mohammed-jihad, abortion, whoring, chemsex manlove, greed, envy, Marxism, Greta Thundertard, or any of the other things Ritchie’s Labour Party is so obsessed with.

    It seems the Pope and Justin Welby may be on my side right now

    Not coincidentally, I do believe both these chaps would shit their cassocks if Christ returned tomorrow.

  2. And you note that is not that Spud is on the side of the Pope and Welby.

    Oh no, it is they that have decided to listen to Spud and join him.

    Arrogant twat.

  3. Dennis, Meat Eating Theologian

    I’m enjoying the thought of what St. Spud might come up with as a description of a “neoliberal world”.

  4. As a Christian Libertarian I think this is typical wrongheadedness from the sage of Ely. Neither Moses, Jesus or his main interpreter St Paul ever advocates taking money by force. They advocate giving to the poor.

  5. I never thought that if Jesus returned to earth it would be in the guise of a fat ex accountant . Can’t wait to see him waddle on water.

  6. Not coincidentally, I do believe both these chaps would shit their cassocks if Christ returned tomorrow.

    Reminds me of a joke (that I may well have read on here, so apologies if I’ve stolen somebody else’s humour):

    A cardinal bursts into the Pope’s private chambers: “Holy Father, I come bearing good news and bad news!”

    “What is your good news, my son?”

    “Our Lord Jesus Christ has returned to earth, in accordance with many centuries of prophesy!”

    “That is indeed wonderful news, my son. And what is your bad news?”

    “He’s in Salt Lake City.”

  7. MC

    I thought it was quite amusing, various e-mails were doing the rounds yesterday.

    Something like ” ‘Easter Sunday’ to be renamed as ‘National Health Service Day’, being a whole lot more representative of our national religion. It will a holiday that will be marked every year in the Spring to celebrate the resurrection of Boris Johnson. Future generations to mark the day with traditions such as queuing for their Easter Egg ration, and walking around parks in circles, not sure if they are allowed to sit down.” Etc

    I guess, make up your own bits according to taste…

  8. OT (ish) but over on TRUK the sage is on about Boris going to his ‘second home at Chequers’ and a load of invective against him.

    Worse though is the first response by his main fan (Pilgrim Slight Return) which is blatantly racist against English people (donkeys apparently) & includes the line ‘I ask you – who’d be English, eh? Poor, misled, abused buggers that they are’ He lives in the English Midlands & works for some sort of housing association (he says).

    ‘Progressives’ eh!

  9. Steve:

    Not coincidentally, I do believe both these chaps would shit their cassocks if Christ returned tomorrow.

    On the same grounds as Dostoievsky’s Grand Inquisitor or were you aiming higher?

  10. wife converted to Catholicism a couple of years back, said she wanted to go to a church where people still talked about God not politics.
    She reckons they are still behind the CofE for politics and progressivism and if the next parish priest turns out to be liberal she will go to one of the predominantly Asian Catholic Churches as they are not progressive at all

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    Here’s a Grayling Tweet that someone I follow has just retweeted:

    “You can have Brexit or you can have the NHS.
    Johnson naming Nurse Luis from Portugal among the others who cared for him, despite his & his Tories lack of care for them, should give him massive reason to think again.”

  12. Over in Spudland, the fat fuck is claiming expert inside knowledge on how those who have had the virus can still be contagious,

    “It’s doctors who told me this when my symptoms stopped”

    So he’s actually claiming to have needed medical attention from “doctors”.

    Narcissistic hypochondriac fantasist attention seeking fat tucker.

  13. Being Christian and being a socialist are incompatible. Thou shalt not steal.

    On the other hand, the Bible sanctions slavery, so maybe…

  14. @Steve April 13, 2020 at 11:25 am

    Cardinal Ritchielieu tells us:

    Anti-Corbyn Labour officials worked to lose general election to oust leader, leaked dossier finds

    Hmm, ‘leaked’ in midst of crisis in hope nobody notices

    Rather like MPs given a £10,000 tax-free bonus to work from home on full salary while Parliament, Constituency offices & MP surgeries closed

  15. Cardinal: “He’s a back!”
    Pope: “Who’s back?”
    C: “Jesus a Christ! He’s a moving among a da crowd in a mysterious a way!”
    P: “Oh no! He’s a gonna wanna look at da books! Here, you take a da ring.”

    Classic Spitting Image

  16. Death toll climbs after deadly virus
    …storms & tornados tear through the South

    We’ve spent what, $50 $100 Trillion? trying to stop weather to no avail, now spending $Trillions shutting economies to stop a teeny weeny virus while forbidding any drugs Trump endorses being used

    Trump Bashing
    – Gutfeld on the “you should’ve acted sooner” media chorus

    – Dr. Fauci lashes out at media in White House press briefing

    – President Trump gets into heated argument with members of press over media coverage of coronavirus and retweet about Dr. Fauci

    Well done Mr Trump.

    Now who in UK cabinet will put Kindergarten Gruppenführer Hancock back in his playpen – looking at you Boris, Raab & Sunak

    The Democrat party & MSM were busy impeaching Trump, they were never interested in letting the country about the virus, only calling Trump a racist xenophobe for anything he did. I’d bet a few FoIs would reveal Dems filing Court actions to have China travel ban stopped
    Has anyone read Tom Clancey’s book “Executive Orders”? This sounds so familiar: President is damned whatever he chose to do . . . unless he was a Democrat.

    @Mr Ecks

    Cheers. Wish Jeff would leave his 1960s morbid photo-booth

    Dentists? Most closed as private sector, even if NHS patients, and need (Gov Regs) 1 face mask per patient = ~6 per hour; no PPE shut & no income

    As usual, Gov never considers consequences of their actions

  17. Being Christian and being a socialist are incompatible. Thou shalt not steal.

    And a whole lot of others:

    Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
    Socialist: The State is your God.

    Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.
    Socialist: Only the State is holy.

    Honor thy father and mother.
    Socialist: The State is your father and mother.

    Thou shall not kill.
    Socialist: Unless it is in the interest of the State.

    Thou shall not steal.
    Socialist: Everything you have belongs to the State.

    Thou shall not bear false witness.
    Socialist: Unless the accused is a running dog capitalist.

    Love your neighbor as your self.
    Socialist: Inform us if your neighbor says anything against the State.

  18. Given how weak his grasp of economics is, can we sure he understands anything at all about Christianity.

    Surely, on even the most perfunctory of readings, he fails commandments one and ten and falls down against at least four of the seven deadly sins (greed, envy, wrath and pride).

  19. Has he never heard of the parable of the talents?

    Directed at Ritchie, with his ignorance of the fundamentals of :
    1. economics
    2. tax
    3. accounting
    4. everything else

    that is simply cruel.

  20. But Fred, Moses didn’t exist. So now you’re down to two votes. Though one of them is God so that carries quite a high weight.

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