Bugger off you incompetent assholes

Question of the day: what is our new relationship with the state going to be like?

Not, perhaps, the answer The King Edward is thinking of.

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  1. And as always, Spud is factually wrong, moaning on about how the current ‘neoliberal’ regime is committed to ‘minimising tax’ when the share of tax as a percentage of GDP in 2018-19 was the highest it has been for 50 years.

  2. “what is our new relationship with the state going to be like?”

    Anyone’s guess, but it looks like it will feature drones, apps, and clapping.

  3. And yet it was only a few months ago that universities started banning clapping as it “triggered” sensitive students and excluded the deaf…

  4. Odd you should say so, Diogenes. I have been perilously close to being triggered whenever I hear pans being banged, and twits going ‘woo’, or whenever I see posters with their pro-NHS indoctrination messages.

  5. Me too Mr Lud. Even the “Give peas a chance” graffito on the M25 has been changed to “Thank you, our NHS”

  6. Has anyone recalled how the term herd immunity was originally used? Didn’t it apply to domesticated animals? That’s your new relationship with the state.

  7. what is our new relationship with the state going to be like?

    Even less respected and trusted

    Delers spot on
    Delingpole: Boris Needs to Put His Money Where His Mouth Is on Coronavirus Lockdown

    Boris should pay heed and not alienate ‘workers’ with his lockdown. Who’s not affected? Labour voting State employees

    Lessons from the past

    Good Grief
    Germans Face Fines of up to 5,000 Euros for Not Wearing Masks in Public

    Brino still on table – Why am I not surprised
    Michael Gove revealed that the government has no ‘no-deal’ preparations, compromising the UK’s negotiating position that it is serious about leaving the EU’s institutions with or without a deal.

    The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster made the revelation while giving evidence during the Committee on the Future Relationship with the EU on Monday.
    “We don’t have any plans to stand up operation Yellowhammer again because we are confident we will secure an agreement,” Mr Gove said, referencing the 2019 plans to deal with the UK leaving the EU in a clean break…

  8. Given the time the spent on Yellowhammer how much work do they need to just stand it up again. Given we haven’t hit the deadline for requesting an extension there’s not much use in rolling it out as a form of posturing in the negotiations yet

  9. Diogenes & m’Lud – I too am bewildered by the the new offerings being piled up in clappings and minute’s silences before the altars of the NHS (Let Us Protect It).

    When I gently ask folk whether they are applauding the top-dollar procurement directors they reply, of course not, it’s for the front line nurses and doctors.

    Is this tantamount to applauding the Bavarian branch of the Bund der Deutschen Mädchen in their pretty dirndls but suppressing their enthusiasm for the Führer ?

  10. How about “Stay the fuck away from me and mine.”

    Some of us are staring redundancy in the face thanks to the efforts of the government.
    I’ve had quite enough of the government’s “help” in this crisis of their own making.
    As a result of the government, I may end up losing my job – this lockdown nonsense is having a massive impact on the industry I’m in.

    But it’s good to know my job and family’s financial security and general well-being is being sacrificed for a good cause – the NHS (Blessings be upon it).

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