Captain Potato speaks out!

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  1. He actually said “In a very real sense”. He’s just a dim vicar who has failed to find his métier. What a tit.

  2. Well, dim and dishonest ones. I have one particularly in mind. We must all have met one or two, surely?

  3. So green as a teenager/undergraduate that he went on foreign holidays in a car while I, if I got a holiday at all, walked from Youth Hostel to Youth Hostel (we had words about this a few years ago). “Do as I say, not as I do”.
    The nuclear industry is, apart from Hydro that produces c.2% of our electricity, the only reliable carbon-neutral source of power. So rejecting the nuclear industry shows his rebellion credentials but no green credentials

  4. @ dearieme
    I’ve met a few dim ones but cannot recall any who were dim and dishonest. I should be more worried about smart and dishonest ones – but in view of pay scales in the CoE, smart and dishonest don’t choose that as a career. If you want smart and dishonest, US tellyvangelists.

  5. I wonder if Rocco’s next directorial outing has Polly summoned to his office, and calling him “Professor” repeatedly.

    Or maybe that would result in some rather short scenes.

  6. Odd. I can hear him but can’t see him (perhaps a good thing). Tried it on both Firefox & Chromium on Linux. I found the link to the video & downloaded it. It looks ok on ffprobe and plays ok in VLC, so that isn’t it.

  7. Odd. I can hear him but can’t see him (perhaps a good thing). Tried it on both Firefox & Chromium on Linux.

    Same with Chrome on mac. Didn’t bother to investigate…

  8. He actually said “In a very real sense”.

    Like Dr Spacely-Trellis, “the go-ahead Bishop of Bevindon”.

  9. “Small is beautiful” – apart from Singapore, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Trinidad, Hong Kong, and all the non-EU micro states which are better off than their immediate EU neighbours.
    Oh no, then I want to go big.

  10. PF – Trinidad has a higher GDP per capita than Hungary, Poland, Russia, Romania, Chile, China, Bulgaria….It’s ranked somewhere around the 45th richest country in the world by GDP per capita, and it’s the third richest country per capita in the Americas after the US and Canada – though the fall in the oil price might change that for a while.

  11. Mr BiG, at 2.52pm. I have you to think for an image in my mind’s eye. Of Pol in a schoolgirl kilt.


    Just wanted to share.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    That video works in Brave, sadly and what with that and the image m’Lud ha just conjured I need a giant bottle of mind bleach.

  13. Yeah. Having now seen the vid, I’m guessing the bulk of his current funding is obtained with the aid of a plastic cup & a dog on a string outside of Ely Tesco. He certainly looks the part.

  14. Blank screen in Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Edge plays it correctly, which is odd, as I thought it was now a reskinned Chrome. Internet Exploder moans about an unsupported format, but allows you to play it in a media player, when the Spud suddenly becomes visible. Deep joy.

  15. Theo

    Thanks – one learns something new every day.

    My unruly prejudice arises (loosely) from having been around that part of the world lots, albeit a generation or two back. I knew Barbados was good; and no idea why, but Trinidad…

  16. A Cure for TDS, BDS, RoP and Socialism would benefit world more than one for CV-19

    – The left has no intention of letting society return to ‘normal’
    Those who have been frustrated that America hasn’t ‘evolved’ fast enough, are using the coronavirus crisis to change society

    Cut all the politicians wages to zero so they can feel what it is like!
    After 40+ years, we still don’t have a vaccine for HIV. The loony Left demands too much

    – Executive order fails to protect American jobs
    President Trump’s immigration pause will last for 60 days and doesn’t apply to temporary workers

    Dem Beto: How Dare you keep my servants out of this country. Who will clean my house, Who will iron the sheets? – Most people clean their own house

    His name is Robert O’Rourke, no matter how much he pretends to be Hispanic

  17. OT: Did you all see the update on Diane Abbott’s son just released? Turns out he went nuts because he was a meth-head. The details of some of his assaults were also finally disclosed; a bit more than just handbags.

  18. @Diogenes

    “17000 blog posts. What a twat!”

    Legendy basketball player Wilt ‘the stilt’ Chamberlain revealed in his autobiography that his estimate of the number of women he’d slept with numbered around 2,000. ‘Looking back’, he mused ‘I wish I’d gone for quality not quantity’.

    If ever a sentiment applied to anyone, it applies to the mind-vomits Spud regurgitates.

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