Committed to equality in all its forms

The Labour Party has elected more Knights of the Realm as leader than it has women.


Actually, so have the Lib Dems (Ming and Vince to Jo)

7 thoughts on “Committed to equality in all its forms”

  1. I’ve been unable to determine which is best – for UK (by keeping Labour in opposition) – Labour Leader

    Starmer – a millionaire SJW CM botoxed robot
    Long-Bailey – a Stalinist Corbynista

    Why did they have three in final vote (Starmer vs LB vs Nandy)?

  2. Because they have multiple phases and all 3 met the criteria for the final membership vote, I think it was round 1 you needed a certain number of MPs, round 2 a certain number of constituency parties or unions to endorse you and round 3 was a members vote which also had rounds with lowest votes knocked off until only 2 standing and someone got more than 50%
    In this case he won over 50% in round one of the final phase so there was no need to drop the lowest person and count second preferences or whatever it was

  3. @Oblong

    How is Starmer a millionaire?

    Same greasy pole Hoon, Mandlescum, Blair, Thornberry, Hodge, Clintons, Pelosi, Warren, Waters scammed their way up

  4. Why would Sir Socialist, and those that went before him, accept an honour from a monarch they don’t believe they should have?

  5. Not quite correct – Vince was not elected (there was no election when he became leader in 2015).

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