Decision making etc

It is actually collective cabinet responsibility….

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  1. We have a cabinet and a great swathe of senior civil servants to support them, but the Terriblegraph is leading with another scare story, that there is a ‘power vacuum’ because Boris is unwell.

    The behaviour of the UK media during this crisis has been utterly reprehensible and irresponsible. We’ve had Piers Moron’s screeching hysteria, TV journalists seeking only to trip up ministers and every single rag out there stirring up panic and despondency in response to something they are too fucking thick to understand.

  2. This is why press conferences are so silly, every small item and word has to be underlined and emphasised because everything is taken out of context and unsaid words in sentences are misinterpreted on purpose. If Raab says any word then in the next sentence he has to define that word.

  3. Also the group thinking lefty twats – yes you, Simon Wrong-Lewis and Co – are also doing their bit to amplify all these bits of fake news and fake accusations, eg the alleged Tory austerity that led to insufficient beds, the alleged EU programme to perfirn some undefined action re ventilators. Just hang the lot of them. I volunteer to shave SWL’s twatty beard off live on TV

  4. Diogenes, ICU beds after 13 years of Labour socialist workers paradise (2010/11) = 3679.

    ICU beds after ten years of Tory scum austerity = 4123.

    And hanging is too good for them, “what you want to do is paint all their light bulbs black so it gets darker when they turn the lights on, gob in their lasagna, send ’em back to the time of the dinosaurs…etc”*

    *Credit to Harry Enfield / Paul Whitehouse

  5. Successive generations of poltical clowns–mostly BluLabour for obvious reasons –have sat on their well-padded arses and allowed Marxist scum to takeover schools, Unis, and the MSM.

    Hardly surprising when the journo etc shite squeezed out of Marxist anus are the enemies of truth, reason etc.

    If Johnson gets well again–and “best of very bad lot etc”–does anyone think he will have the gumption to stop this?

    Doesn’t have to be tyranny. Just cut the cash. Purge the schools and unis–fire the scum teachers, lecturers etc. De-fund every penny of the vast tax fortune that sustains and produces these swarming Marxist midden-flys making Press Conferences noisome.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    A leader who wins a GE with a large majority has far more control over the cabinet than one who just scrapes a victory.

    Someone who takes over leadership of a party between GEs has less authority and it approaches zero when it’s seen as a coronation.

  7. Its a fair enough question and a fair enough answer. Umm..Dom chairs , we decide. When the g’vnor returns it’ll be Boris chairs, Boris decides what we decided.

  8. Is cabinet collective responsibility still a thing? Thought that died in the Brexit debacle. The new rule being it is, except when it isn’t.

  9. The MSM is dying. It’s palpable. They’re full of people who don’t really know their subjects, don’t do their homework on stories and rush to get out a “breaking news” moment.

    You want to know what’s going on, follow the government on Twitter, find some friends who are involved in science who are linking to other scientists writing about the subject. Sometimes you get disagreement about the best way forward, but it’s intelligent debate, not nonsense about nukes (who the fuck is going to invade us with Covid-19 everywhere? Seriously)

  10. If Corbyn had been elected and come down with Covid 19 like Boris, Dianne Abbott would now be acting PM. That’s scary.

  11. Thin Pinstriped Line is a friend of mine – good bloke, knows his stuff.

    Like Tim here, I don’t always agree with him, but that’s sort of the point

  12. For many of these people it will be the first time they have thought unironically about the UK’s national security for a decade or more.

    Whatever it takes to push the Narrative, etc.

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