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  1. I wonder why the police weren’t involved if such a horrific crime had actually happened.

  2. off topic but Spud has entered conspiracy fruit-loop territory.

    “the clearly fabricated news on the number of UK deaths that dramatically understate what is happening that is issued by our government each day”

  3. SadButMadLad,

    First rule of these stories is that they always take place in a foreign land, where everybody knows you can’t trust the police. Epstein’s paedophile island, for example.

  4. whooah. Odd. but i suppose it was always odd that we didn’t have the court case when this stuff first came out. Does it go down in the statistics as unprosecuted, and thus something the home sec should be commenting on?

  5. Andrew M
    I checked at the time to see what age of consent applied and Epstein’s island is under US jurisdiction.

  6. Has Ms. Duffy got a song or a book coming out soon? Enquiring minds etc.

    I’ll also note that this isn’t news. She started banging (ahem) on about the alleged rape back in February.

    How much more publicity is she going to try and get out of it?

  7. Roué le jour,

    It’s still foreign. In the UK we’re treated to a constant news stream of how foreign jurisdictions are either incompetent or corrupt or both: Madeline McCann, Amanda Knox, Netflix documentaries like Making a Murderer and The Staircase, and that girl who was raped by twelve Israelis while on holiday in Cyprus. And there’s a degree of truth to it.

    Nevertheless, Duffy’s tale has other flaws. Namely, why did the kidnappers drug her and take her to a foreign country by airplane, risking her being recognised by cabin crew, or risking questions at customs about why she’s in a drugged state? And why did they fly her back after the ordeal, doubling the risk? No half-sensible kidnapper would do such a thing.

    Epstein’s victims had a more plausible story: that they were lured to the island under false pretences; and of course on private flights with no customs checks because it’s the same country. Their youth makes their experience all the more plausible. The only way Duffy’s story makes sense is if she too went along willingly, only to have things turn nasty when she arrived abroad. But that’s not what she said.

  8. Who or what is ‘Duffy’?

    djc – who has no tv, newspaper, nor radio (the clearly inane but otherwise indistinct wittering from the one in my neighbour’s garden is bad enough).

  9. I’m prepared to accept that something happened which was unpleasant, scary, illegal, etc. and it caused her mental health issues as a result, but why did she not report it at the time?

    What she describes, goes far beyond Weinstein and Epstein. This is like something out of one of the Taken films or Harem. No matter how scared I was, I think it would be easier to get over it, if it was investigated and someone brought to justice.

    Seems odd.

  10. Roué le jour, age of consent varies by state in the US though the lowest limit is 16 but some
    states have a higher age, similar for driving and alcohol ages etc.
    Press seems to have used the highest age of consent they can to claim underage in the Epstein case despite them not being underage where the activity took place, makes for a better story I suppose.
    No doubt there’s a whole host of odd cases arising around state borders involving consent, if memory serves the state border at Tahoe is marked by bouys in the lake as there are different gambling and alcohol rules

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