Entirely a blinder

Robin says:
April 8 2020 at 2:41 pm
Hi Richard

I appreciate what you are saying here, and on the whole tend to agree, but looking longer term without car financing how do you propose people are going to make the wholesale transition to electric cars from combustion?


Richard Murphy says:
April 8 2020 at 2:49 pm
I am suggesting people will need to put up more of the money…

And that a system that encourages vehicles to be changed every three years is absurd

Don’t you have to change the battery pack every 3 years? Something that costs a substantial portion of the cost of the entire car?

Further, changing your car every three years doesn’t matter. There is this thing called the second hand car market. It’s not as if we scrap the car after 3 years, is it. Unlike the battery packs…..

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  1. The average age of a car on Britain’s roads is over 8 years.

    Yes, there’s people who sell their cars because of the first MOT, and gawd bless ’em for paying for a car I’ll run for a decade.

  2. Tesla is designing their battery packs to last 300,000-500,000 miles. If you are doing that in three years; to are indeed a Road Warrior!

  3. In other news, Bernie is out! There goes another potential socialist dream. UK, Israel, Hungary, USA. Can’t seem to get a foothold.

  4. Sub Specie Æternitatis

    Speaking from personal experience with a Tesla Model S I have been driving for seven years without a battery replacement:

    Thanks to software improvements and me getting better at driving electric, I today get–if anything–a greater range out of my car than I did when I first bought it. Usually this is somewhere between the EPA-calculated range and Tesla’s own 10% or so more optimistic estimates.

    Do batteries need to be replaced eventually? No doubt. But certainly not even three years. In fact, currently my batteries seem to easily be beating the official estimate from when I bought the car of once-every-eight-years.

  5. Dennis, Climate-Change Denying Fruitcake

    Battery life isn’t the point.

    Given that anthropomorphic climate change is a pseudo-scientific fraud, there is no point to owning an electric car outside of personal preference.

    This is Spud self-pleasuring via dreams of compelling others to do his bidding, nothing more.

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  7. And that a system that encourages vehicles to be changed every three years is absurd

    Who TF changes their car out every 3 years. I mean, I do now, but that’s because I buy a shitty used car and run it into the ground. But in my youth my cars would stick around for 5 years or more – and most people even longer. My father’s had his van for approaching 40 years now.

    Or does he *lease* all the time? Is that it? He doesn’t know how the proles live but insists he knows how best to organize their lives.

  8. I try to buy non-shitty used cars then drive them into the ground. Problem is next one will be a more modern car with modern features and modern problems, why don’t they manufacture cars that have the technology from the late 90’s/early 00’s?

  9. There ain’t gonna be a “wholescale transition” to milk floats. What, fundamentally, is the difference between a Tesla and a Sinclair C5 apart from hype and marketing. Not a facetious question.

    Have to confess though a tesla is quite the cunt magnet. Or should that be cult magnet. I often confuse the two.

    The C5 was a joke that becme a cult. It will be interesting to see if the Tesla – a cult – ends up as a joke.

  10. When I was young I saw quite a few (well, thousands but far outnumbered by post-war ones) pre-war cars. One of my friends (born, like myself, after WWII) was given/loaned his father’s pre-War Lanchester after he graduated (in those days students walked or cycled).
    I have only once bought a new car – it was written off while I was stationary at the back of a queue of stationary traffice

  11. The Meissen Bison

    Dennis, Odin of the CPAs: anthropomorphic climate change is a pseudo-scientific fraud

    You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone to disagree with that!

    (You possibly meant anthropogenic?)

  12. And that a system that encourages vehicles to be changed every three years is absurd
    Is he referring to motability? The disablist piece of underpants dried skid.

  13. Cars are much safer these days.

    Data from the US suggests that in similar car crashes, fatalities in a car are 40% higher in cars 10-15 years old compared to a new car. The % is higher in cars older than that.

  14. Electric cars make sense in the city. The emissions have been displaced to remote power stations. Provided you can get a charging port in a legal parking bay of course.

  15. @ philip
    Only to the rulers of the city. Los Angeles demands pollution created in Colorado in excess of the reduction in pollution created in California as a consequence of their dictates relating to cars.

  16. I like this ‘fight fire with fire’ idea

    Trey Gowdy demands China be held accountable for coronavirus
    The Trump administration is reportedly weighing legal action over alleged Chinese hoarding of protective medical gear; Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy reacts

    The US owes China 1.1 trillion dollars. Ignore laws and Int Courts as they do: $0 owed to China

  17. As they say it’s depends on how much you owe as to whose problem it is when you don’t pay, owe the bank 50k it’s your problem, owe the bank 50m and it’s theirs as well

  18. Trey Gowdy demands China be held accountable for coronavirus
    The Trump administration is reportedly weighing legal action over alleged Chinese hoarding of protective medical gear

    Trump should withhold US cash (and we should withhold ours) to the WHO and every other UN department until they recognise and admit Taiwan as an independent country. Especially after the Chinese Health Organisation tried to pretend Taiwan didn’t exist and refused to even consider passing on the Taiwanese early findings into Chinese flu.

  19. Seeing that they have murdered 70-100 million of their own people and regularly murder supposed crims and falun gong people and sell their organs on the black market, International Law will have zero effect on the fuckers. They have a lot of Western debt and also vast dollar reserves. Their dumping the dollar would hurt us–but us defaulting on our loans should hurt them .

  20. We need to end both the UN and its acolytes such as WHO and Unesco. That should help sink their Green Marxist agenda as well.

    And mass recognition of Taiwan as the only legitimate govt of China until the Chinese Communist Party falls.

    Of course this may encourage the Chicoms to attack Taiwan and bring on WW3 if they do. But Xi must know it would be the end of CCP also.

  21. Mr Ecks. I’d argue that the way to avoid a Chicom attack on Taiwan is for the Yanks to give them the nod to develop their own nuclear weapons. But of course the problem is that the Taiwanese might throw a tantrum and say to the Yanks, ‘You’ve abandoned us. We’ll blow you to hell too when the Commies nuke us.’

    You’ll have noted that the Yanks didn’t give South Korea the nod, although they could certainly build sufficient to turn the North into a desert of radioactive glass, and have enough left over to give China pause. I’d have to say that Barmy’s decision to install missile defences to guard against a North Korean attack was a sensible compromise.

  22. My Tesla is approaching three years old, battery pack has lost about 5% of its original range in that time; and most of that was in the first year. It definitely doesn’t need to be changed or replaced!

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