Entirely true Lily, entirely true

Children who are bullied for having ginger hair are “not dissimilar” to race victims, the actress Lily Cole has claimed.

It is indeed people being mean over a perceived physical difference.

About which we might say two things. Bullying occurs in entirely homogenous societies too, for human children are evil little bastards whatever the marital status of their parents. The second flowing from this first, if racist bullying is much the same as other kinds of bullying then perhaps we shouldn’t worry so much about the racist kind?

Actual racism, sure, that’s to be rooted out. But kids being nasty shits? And?

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  1. “‘It’s not a racial slur but it’s also not dissimilar because it’s something a child can’t change about themselves, short of dyeing their hair.'”

    So dye it.

  2. Do you feel the history of classroom taunting ( if there is one )is more or less equivalent to centuries of treating black Africans worse than animals, slaughtering the Jews in millions, and much much much more of the same ?
    Its counter-intuitive Timbo…

  3. I’ve noticed that as the lockdown lengthens, everyone’s hair is subjected to piss-taking. Similarities to 70s rock musicians, etc. Ginger Baker’s shock of flaming red hair comes to mind – though I can’t imagine taking the mick out of Ginger Baker. Unfortunately for ginger kids, schoolboy sense of humour encourages piss-taking … piss-taking remains a crucial element of democratic culture.

  4. Is there a sub around here who can report for a beating to ensure future such headlines contain a comma in front of the name of the person being addressed? Thusly: Entirely true, Lily …


  5. “slaughtering the Jews in millions”

    Not much like that happened in my school. And that’s what Tim’s talking about. Teasing and bullying in schools. Which is why he differentiated it from “Actual racism, sure, that’s to be rooted out.”

    Not that you would have noticed that as your pavlovian reaction to perceived waycism is so finely tuned you probably go off on one before someone got to the l in the word ‘black’ with out bothering to listen to the rest of the sentence.

    “centuries of treating black Africans worse than animals,”

    Most of this treatement for most of those centuries having been dished out to black Africans by other Africans, often but not always of a slightly different shade of black.

  6. Facepainter–you are very sanctimonious considering your class of well-off prick would have been doing most of the slave-owning before it was stopped.

  7. Most of what tiresome biddies call “bullying” is just children testing each other to establish a social hierarchy. You can try to stop that, but it just impairs their social development.

    Is it any surprise that the 30+ year war on “bullying” coincides with record numbers of kids being diagnosed as on the autistic spectrum?

  8. When I want to cheer myself up sometimes I have a quick peek at https://www.impossible.com and see what’s become of it.

    It depresses me when I remember the 200k the government bunged her to make it, let alone the other worthies who poured their money in on top, but it’s nice to know the Beautiful People can fail just like the rest of us. Albeit in a way that seems to leave them more on their feet than us mortals tend to manage…

  9. Is there a sub around here who can ensure that future commenters don’t perpetrate the abomination “Thusly”?

  10. ‘thusly’ is the adverbial form of the adverb ‘thus’, so it’s very existence is a bit silly. It is a modern American invention of a word, and perhaps came about to sneer at it’s uneducated users. There is no need to use it, and it is perhaps best avoided.

  11. The Meissen Bison

    A septic is apparently an American (wogus mericanus) via Australian rhyming slang: septic tank – Yank.

    johnnyb – the OED has ‘thusly’ in Harper’s Magazine in 1865 so it has the patina of age if not of respectability.

  12. The problem is the redefinition of bullying, there was a good article about it recently.
    One kid said he did want to be friends with another kid, that kid told his mum he was being bullied, mother wrote very good article about the difference between kids being mean (learning social development and boundaries) and bullying. One is just normal behaviour but is constantly being conflated with the other.

  13. As a redhead I don’t recall ever being bullied over it. Must be a new thing. I did realize early that a criminal career might have been particularly disadvantageous, a lesson learnt when school teacher’s might say “I’m not sure which kids were smoking behind the baseball backstop over there, but I did see TD’s red hair”, and then I, and only I, got hauled into the principal’s office for a talking to.

    As you get older though, red hair turns white rather than grey. I ran into an old girlfriend once at a high school reunion after 40 years. After expressing some surprise at the change in hair color, she said I now looked quite distinguished. Well, she always was rather sweet. At least I still have plenty of hair, thought I wish I could tan.

  14. The problem is the redefinition of bullying, there was a good article about it recently.

    Exactly. When I was at school, bullies punched smaller kids and took their stuff. Everyone recognised that this was wrong, but something that had gone on among children for centuries, if not millennia (see Flashman). But the left do what they’ve always done – co-opt a term that everyone agrees is wrong and start to misapply it to activities they want us to disapprove of. So now ‘bullying’ includes criticising someone’s appearance (fat, ginger etc) and not even to their face or aimed at an individual (social media).

  15. I was castigated for for writing homogenous instead of the correct word homogeneous.
    So now I’m doing the same thing to you.

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