Those comments – made in the context of post-Brexit trade deals – now look foolish to the point of madness. The world of pointing to a sector’s share of national GDP to decipher how “important” it is must surely be over.

Share of GDP is an important measure of how economically important something is. It isn’t true of non-economic measures of worthiness.


3 thoughts on “Err, why?”

  1. saying looking “foolish to the point of madness” itself looks foolish to the point of madness. Is there a term for that?

  2. I think C4 News is using Ritchie as a source for doom & panic reports

    Today: Farmers can’t harvest their crops due to CV-19 restrictions

    Whut? You, C4 etc have been demanding these restrictions and Boris caved. Until today it was “more needed”, suddenly it’s ‘restrictions mean we’ll starve’

    One renewed monthly restriction I’d like is Media only report positive News as in WWII


    +1 Tim removing restrictions?

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