Firmly against such education

A controversial sex education course that taught children as young as six about touching their own genitals has been pulled by a council following a backlash.

The “All About Me” syllabus, which was rolled out at over 200 primary schools across Warwickshire, proposed that children should learn that “lots of people like to tickle or stroke themselves as it might feel nice” including their “private parts”.

The syllabus reassures children that this is “really very normal” but adds that it is “not polite to do it when other people are about”. It recommends that children do this when they are alone, such as “in the bath or shower or in bed”.

Nope. After all, what’s the joy of childhood if you don’t get to find out interesting things for yourself?

10 thoughts on “Firmly against such education”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    It’s having a ‘syllabus’ that does for useful initiatives like this.

    A more subtle or insidious approach is to graft appropriate new material onto a stem that is already accepted as a cultural norm. Suitable book titles like Mr Onan or Little Miss Dildo would find ready acceptance in most homes.

  2. The “joy of childhood” is being innocent and not having your head filled with catalogues of Marxist-approved perversion at age 6. Come back when the kids are 12-if you must.

  3. Wasn’t it Dorothy Parker who said that kids don’t need to be taught this stuff, just not to do it in public and frighten the horses.

  4. Chesterton’s Fence time. Why was this stuff introduced to the syllabus in the first place? Presumably there was a committee who sat together and argued the toss.

  5. @Mr Ecks
    By 12 it’s all about taking a quiz to see what gender you are today and how they can help you achieve your potential to be whatever that is (unless it’s heterosexual/normal) and all the support and allowances they will make for special you.
    Ohh and that if your parents don’t respect your gender choice that’s tantamount to child abuse and if any of the teachers don’t agree it’s discriminatory.

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