Guess the gender of this writer

It’s hard in here for an extrovert. Social distancing does not come naturally to the sociably inclined, so it wasn’t too long into the home alone era before a great multitude of us simply moved our fraternizing online. These days, thanks to FaceTime and Zoom, I am having happy hours with my college buddies, cooking Saturday dinner with a former colleague, taking morning walks with a friend in Paris and talking about books with the person I took my first writing class with. In these difficult hours, I could not be more nourished with companionship. And I’m exhausted.

Sure, part of it is the terror and dread that wakes me up at 4:30 every morning. Another part of it no doubt stems from trying to do my work and academic studies every day in a small apartment that is also now my spouse’s office, my younger daughter’s high school (band practice included), and my elder daughter’s university. But I think it’s also fair to say that all this teleconferencing, day and night, is murder.

As it turns out using Zoom is tiring.

A pandemic storms the world, the economy is well on the way to being half the size it used to be. Our correspondent want’s us all to know that talking to friends is exhausting.

The gender of this writer is?

13 thoughts on “Guess the gender of this writer”

  1. This what has for yonks boggled my mind. Go back a few generations, and 8 kid families, living/sleeping/eating/playing in a couple of rooms, dad works 10 hour days a t’mill with heavy machinery mum equally hard just to keep heads above water. How the hell can you keep that up and keep your digits and limbs and minds for any length of time. But apparently they (mostly) did.

  2. ‘Social distancing does not come naturally to the sociably inclined’

    Nor to the elderly with pre-existing conditions.

  3. The photo shows a bloke but the article is penned by someone called Mary Elisabeth.

    Once I’d have been confused, now I really don’t care.

  4. Dennis, Woker'n The Rest Of You Fucks

    It’s good to see Salon confirming just how trivial and irrelevant it really is.

  5. Oh FFS!! Got the posting too quick thingy again. In the bath on my phone so I’m not going to go through that again.

    Please murder the code that does that and bury it in the Marianas Trench!

  6. Classic humblebrag. “I’m so popular that I just can’t help but socialise with people. I have a cushy job that lets me work from home, and I’m actually busier than ever! Did I mention that I live in Paris? Are you jealous yet?”

  7. Now out of the bath, I was being a Northern Pendant to correct the rendering in the first comment. It’s “a’ th’mill” where the first apostrophe is a glottal stop & the second just runs the & mill together “thmill”. I grew up on this stuff, not so much my parents (they were teachers!) but my peers in primary school. Now saving the reply against the dreaded PostCop.

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