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Have you actually seen the latest economic numbers?


We’re going to have to end this lockdown of the UK economy and sooner rather than later. Yes, this will mean more people will die. Probably. We’re still going to have to do it.

14 thoughts on “Have you actually seen the latest economic numbers?”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    An amusing aside, but relevant.

    The Words and Numbers podcast reports a story of State Governors who tried to produce a list of essential and non-essential items. Obviously food is an essential item, but apparently packaging isn’t. Guess what, a meat packaging company ground to a halt because there was no packaging. The conceit of the central planner knowing what’s essential in our interconnected world, again. ( 3 minutes in)

  2. All obvious from Day One. Banker Boy Sunak’s funny money can’t save the economy and there will soon be an enraged mob just as hysterically against Blojo as they were hysterically for him.

    Which is why the BluLab cabinet shite are King Logging it waiting for Bloj to carry the can.

    A Neil thinks Kier Stumour has emerged as a credible opposition leader because he asked about LD exit strategy at PMQT. Bullshit. Stumour is doing what I predicted–realising how badly Bloj has shot himself in the feet and trying to cash in. The fact that ZaNu was orig opposed to LD on race-baiting grounds will now be played by the MSM as “we have always been at war with Eastasia” and ZaNu will be re-positioned as always opposing LD because of economic damage. When the lying bastards not only voted for hysterical over-reaction to a bad flu along with all the rest of the morons –but have spent a month cursing the Govt for not being even more hysterical.

    Unfortunately an enraged mob (of those discovering their newly reduced circs thanks to HM Govt) won’t be in the mood for fine nuances. One of the problems with emotional incontinence and hysteria in general.

    That ALL 650 traitors voted for LD is in danger of being overlooked by a foaming furious mob.

    Big Trouble in Little Britain.

  3. Like I said on a previous thread, you’re problem is that the decisions about the lockdown are being made by the people most insulated from the effects. And the people who produce the value, makes the economy go round are less risk averse. Which is why they’re the people produce the value, makes the economy go round. Conflict of interests.

  4. There was never any point in contemplating a long term lockdown. It either works, and everybody back to work, or it doesn’t, so no point in continuing it.

  5. Indeed, Mr in Spain.

    I wonder what contingency planning there is, to ensure the soldiers continue to be paid and fed…

    That said, the docility of the Cits never ceases to amaze me.

  6. I’m pretty sure (as I said before, without knowing all of the data, and therefore without any real certainty) that the lockdown was justified for a while in order to avoid swamping the intensive care units. Right or wrong, I don’t think many businesses would be operating properly anyway with lots of staff off sick – and I think they would be more likely to go off sick if they saw lots of people dying in hospital corridors. Now that they have got a few more beds in there, and the ‘curve’ has been ‘flattened’, the govt does need to look at how to get us out of it.

    I wonder what will happen going forward. China is fucked, I think – ain’t nobody going to be buying goods from there if they can avoid it, so death by a thousand cuts to their economy. We’re going to see a lot of quite expensive to make stuff brought back onshore, which will be good for local employment but interesting for the economy. And terrorists have now seen that they can bring countries to their knees with bioweapons which can basically be coooked up in a kitchen.

    This will either see us lurch right or left, and I’m betting right.

  7. We got through the more dangerous HK flu 1968 without shutting down the economy. A LD is somewhat more than a few people off sick.

    And more Krony Krapitalist Korporate socialism isn’t much better than Marxist drivel.

    Nor will the effects of this new Deppression by easy to shrug off–esp not with more K3 socialism from BluLab–assuming they survive.

  8. “This will either see us lurch right or left, and I’m betting right”

    I’m detecting a lot of bien pensant positioning for tranziism’s knock-out punch of de facto and de iure world government. The fact that the Chinese, at least, would not go along with it, I do not think would stop this particular blob – after all, they’ve been agitating brazenly for years for us to shut down our societies irrespective of China’s willingness to stop building coal-fired power stations.

  9. It should be obvious to everyone that a nation of 67 million people cannot physically exist on these islands, without a modern functioning technically-advanced economy.

    But apparently “saving the NHS” is more important.

  10. It’s “protect the NHS” and “save lives”. If we’re going to the trouble of utterly destroying our nation you can at least get your government approved wankery correct. And don’t forget to clap tonight. Yay! Emoji

  11. We’re going to have to end this lockdown of the UK economy and sooner rather than later. Yes, this will mean more people will die. Probably. We’re still going to have to do it.

    Yes, yes, Yes. BoJo should announce tomorrow “Lockdown ends 00:00 BST Monday 27 April”

    Want some protect:
    USA Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams: How to make your own face mask with a T-shirt

    Interesting view:

    My Ladyshave works on the dog
    I’m as keen as any to start easing this lockdown for the sake of the economy, but I must confess that from a purely personal point of view, it’s actually proving quite a salutary experience.
    I can see how much time and money I used to waste on things I thought I needed but which now, just four weeks on, I realise were completely superfluous to my existence. Such as:

    End of fatuous businesses?




    China is fucked, I think – ain’t nobody going to be buying goods from there

    UK Gov will: 17 Million CV19 test kits bought, don’t work

    UK Gov awards China ‘PHE Accredited”, but UK gowns, disposable aprons etc must be tested and approved by PHE & CQC

  12. @ Pcar
    Not just UK government – Spain and, I think, several others stuffed because Chinese lied through their teeth and sold stuff that didn’t work and/or wasn’t there when they opened the box.

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