How many universities will make it to 2021? The answer is many won’t, and those that do will struggle to reach 2022

Given that we need fewer universities this is a good thing.

12 thoughts on “Huzzah!”

  1. This should be a cause of great concern to Capt Potato since the first ‘university’ to go to the wall will be the one most likely to use his services – always supposing that Rocco has finished with him, of course.

  2. My plan was to sack the leftists rather than close the Unis. Perhaps we can do both. The Uni’s that don’t close are told the don’t need a pack of Marxist agitataors and that they are out.

    However fewer Unis will push more young snot into the job market. Which makes unemp worse short term but will start their anti-socialist enlightenment even before the pro-socialist finishing school was due to begin.

  3. I have no fear actual proper universities will survive without a hitch.

    The modern Institutes of Advanced Basket-Weaving and Interpretive Dance, however…

  4. Could we buy one cheap and run proper free-market degrees?

    Don’t need the buildings and certainly not the staff; the only thing that’s valuable is the approval to award degrees.

  5. Even without a virus shutdown, declining birth rates do mean fewer young people coming down the pike and therefore less need be devoted to education. Of course, a cynic might say that less and less was devoted to real education even before declining birth rates.

    Of course, while the population of young people is growing smaller, it is more diverse. Shouldn’t that eliminate the need for diversity counselors? Who else is going to go to the universities?

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    There’s going to be a dearth of foreign students who pay full fee for a few years as well.

    Along those lines I can’t see all those Chinese students coming either as there’s already been a lot oof concern about them being used to steal a lot of research. The Confucius Institutes that plough a lot of money in to universities, as well as monitoring Chinese students, are going to become persona non grata as well, if they already haven’t.

  7. I hope the sanctions about trading while insolvent apply to universities. It seems the most right-on unis have the worst financial management and likely the first to go bust. I look forward to Dame Jemima Buttface CBE OBN clocking her personal liability.

  8. We wouldn’t need so many “universities “ if the schools weren’t useless. Thirteen years of education should produce adults able to string a sentence together, detect when ‘experts’ are out by an order of magnitude and operate a value system beyond political correctness.

  9. Spud is fearful that the already small pool of fools that might offer him a position is going to shrink and dry up completely before he gets a chance to get his foot in the next door.

    To salve his itching vanity, he could set up his own degree mill. He could appoint himself to an august sounding position. Chancellor of the University of the Island of Ely, perhaps. Bet he’d like to be able to call himself “Chancellor”. That’s his wet dream.

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