I do rather disagree with this

Parents who continue working through the coronavirus lockdown should be reimbursed by the Government for the huge impact the extra childcare is having on their lives and jobs, says a study by the respected Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

In a report published today, the IFS has calculated that dual-earning families are having to share an extra eight hours childcare a day caused by the closure of schools and restrictions on other activities their children did without them during the day.

Life is the making of choices. And it’s not government’s duty to bail you out of everyone of those that doesn’t work.

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  1. Schools are in fact open to look after key worker and vulnerable children.Key worker is very widely defined, it includes financial services for example. I`m not sure how many people are unable to have one partner working at home and are also not qualified as key workers and have children under 12 (let us say).
    In our case , I am working at home, our eldest can look after the others, and my wife is looking after key worker children which in practice is defined by the fact they go to school.
    Should anyone fall through the gaps you would hope the school would help. Ours certainly would

    In many ways the problem is not as bad now as it was before

  2. Can I get some money from the government for all the cash I’ve saved them by not having kids to begin with?

  3. “key worker”

    More disinformation from the media. I thought all key workers were working as normal but when I went to my local Timpsons it was shut.

  4. Disagree with you here Tim.

    Since its the government’s fault they’ve incurred the extra costs, by way of involuntary lockdown and mad, excessive panic, the government should compensate for the loss.

    Just to be clear, i haven’t incurred any extra costs personally, but it has reduced my outgoings (mostly in reduced nursery fees), so I’m actually coming out ahead from the lockdown virus catastrophe.

  5. I suspect there are some people going to work a little upset about others getting paid to stay at home.

  6. a little upset about others getting paid to stay at home.

    Mitigated by the fact that when, not if, the ‘rightsizing’ starts, those furloughed will likely be at the front of the queue.

  7. I’m firmly in the category of people who would stand to benefit from this. But I don’t want cash – all I want is for the schools and nurseries to re-open so that I can get some peace & quiet to do my work. I can’t even send the kids to their grandparents.

  8. “but when I went to my local Timpsons it was shut”

    So are they furloughing all their staff, knowing they can claim every penny back from the tax payer, whilst paying for Spud’s Fair Tax Mark…

  9. Chernyy_Drakon, I hear rumblings of lawsuits against government under the U.S. Constitution’s 5th Amendment Takings Clause.

    Rights evaporate in an emergency. That is, people will accept some loss of their rights in an emergency. But the problem with state lock downs is they are arbitrary. Who gets to stay open seems to be based on political connections, not rationality. Indeed, one could argue that if government declares businesses must close, ALL must close.


    The biggest offender is Michigan. Gov Whitmer is on a power trip.


    ‘They understand the difference between reasonable precautions and control for control’s sake.

    Too much of what Whitmer is doing is indefensible. You can ride in a rowboat, but if you attach a motor to it, you’re subject to a $1,000 fine. You can stop at Home Depot for a can of Lysol, but if you swing by the garden department for a potted plant, you’re breaking the law.’

  10. This money paid out would have to be collected in tax, who would pay that tax? Mostly higher earners! So high earning families might lose out by even more than they do without compo
    Just saying. U miteathunk that IFS (Institue for FISCAL Studies) woodathunk of that.

  11. Think a bit more about this, many of the higher tax payers would not qualify for the compo, so those with kids would net gain. Nonetheless, it is adding more costs to a very expensive epidemic with falling revenues.

  12. Now the spending floodgates are open why we are we surprised that people are queuing up for their share of the ‘compensation’ that’s splashing around

  13. Bloke in North Dorset


    Was it Whitmer who also told Walmart they had to close “non-essential” isles?

    Its rather amusing watching the Deocrats now insisting on State’s rights whenever Trump opens his mouth, and equally amusing watching some Republicans defending the Feds.

    There’s been a lot of sneering over here at some of your protesters against the lockdowns because it seems to be the nuttier end of the libertarians and Trumpers, but I think they’re the vanguard. There’s reports of protests all over the world and some German states are being taken to court over the impositions.

    Those doing the sneering are raising awareness that this lockdown has some serious side effects, its a sort of Streisand Effect, and I expect to see more people at least questioning their political leaders if not outside protesting against some of the restrictions.

  14. Life is the making of choices. And it’s not government’s duty to bail you out of everyone of those that doesn’t work.

    Maybe. But they were forced to pay for that ‘free’ babysitting service the schools provide – and they’re still paying. So maybe we should just consider this them getting their school tax payments back since the schools aren’t providing their service right now.

    The next step would be getting that money back for everyone.

  15. Interesting point, Agammamon. Most of my county taxes are called ‘school’ taxes. So they should stop charging them.

  16. @Gamecock

    Gov (Dem) Wretched Whitmer

    When the coronavirus crisis hit Michigan, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (Dem) responded with a mixture of comical ineptitude and weird, arbitrary fascism

    No surprise:
    – Democrats try to make this protest about white supremacy
    – A spokesperson from a hospital said there was no ambulance or EMT that reported any blockage in traffic, Dems lying
    – No masks? Dems not happy masked Antifa didn’t turn up and start a riot?

    Michigan sheriff pushes back against state’s stay-at-home orders

    Michigan Gov. Wretched holds presser following prior week’s protest – boring #MeMeMe

    Protesters continue to rebel against stay-at-home orders across the US

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