If you’re looking for work in financial writing

This just in from a place I write for:

It’s a great time to become a Seeking Alpha contributing author. The premise is simple: share your investing ideas with others, and get paid cash, free Seeking Alpha Premium membership, and the satisfaction of helping like-minded investors navigate this complex environment.

Seeking Alpha has a great onboarding team that will vet you and walk you through the approval process (it’s not overbearing), and you can be up and running with a contributing author account within a few days, sometimes less.

SA asked me to reach out to anyone I know who I thought might be interested in launching an SA contributor account now, and I thought of you.

If this sounds interesting, you can reach out to their contributor team using [email protected]

Money’s not great but it’s easy enough to make a few hundred a month.

1 thought on “If you’re looking for work in financial writing”

  1. Here’s my investing idea.

    If you don’t need the reward don’t take the risk.

    If you do need the reward, spread the risk.

    Then all I need to do is find out how to rephrase that every week for years.

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