Interesting number

As phillip notes.

The UK’s current number of daily deaths from coronavirus is lower than the UK’s current average daily number of deaths from abortion.


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  1. They have now closed cemeteries as people were visiting graves–as I was going to do this afternoon. I walked through yesterday and there were 10 people about 200 yards apart each.

    Not only is this shite ruining us –they are trying to push to see how much we will take.

    We need a new Party to fuck over the Tory trash without giving ZaNu a chance. Bloj will be ruined and there are no replacements worth shite. Plus their money-printing and general let-Daddy-State-fix-it One Nation capers will lead to a dire and steadily worsening situation. Tailor-made for leftist scum to take advantage of.

    A reckoning is coming soon for the UK’s people and political garbage. We can only pray what emerges will be better.

  2. Politicians all over the world are just loving this, as are their Gauleiters and brown shirts. Sadly, large numbers of the population are demanding even more restrictions or are enthusiastically dobbing in their neighbours.

    My daughter’s friend lives in a household of 8 with three generations under one roof. They were enjoying dinner all together on their deck which faces the street and actually had people photographing them in order to dob them into the filth.

  3. Estimates for euthanasia (court sanctioned or morphine plus withdrawal fo fluids) in the Netherlands show about a quarter of people die this way. Scaled up to the UK population that would be about 150,000 per year.
    And we are surrendering our liberty and trashing the economy for a few tens of thousands in one year.

  4. I’m coming round to the Ecks view. Not so much because the State is the one with the emergency powers and the public doesn’t have the emergency power ( i.e. the right to own a gun ) to stop them. More because if this thing needs to rip through say 50 million not vulnerable in the next 9 weeks so we have herd immunity before we turn psycho and/or suicidal, and it might have gotten to less than 5 million so far. The the controls need to come off, schools need to restart, restaurants need to re-open, and Varadkar needs to stick up a hard border if he has a problem with this. And the NHS would still cope, just, with the surge. Which is what they are paid for.
    Anecdatum, I like running, and jogged across 6 lanes of the frigging M1 yesterday around mid-day – a footpath that was severed when it was built but the public path is still marked out. This is ridiculous.

  5. Varadkar needs to stick up a hard border if he has a problem with this.

    We need to stick up a hard fucking border if it’s so bad that we can’t buy some petunias or a fucking lottery ticket.

  6. All-Cause Mortality Surveillance 02 April 2020 – Week 14 report (up to week 13 data)

    In week 13 2020, statistically significant excess all-cause mortality by week of death was observed overall and in the 65+ year olds in England, through the EuroMOMO algorithm.

    In the devolved administrations, no statistically significant excess all-cause mortality for all ages was observed for Northern Ireland and Wales in week 13 and for Scotland in week 11 2020

    All-cause death registrations (ONS), England and Wales – In week 12 2020, an estimated 10,645 all-cause deaths were registered in England and Wales (source: Office for National Statistics). This is a decrease compared to the 11,019 estimated death registrations in week 11 2020.

    As Ferguson admitted a few days ago “they’d have died in next nine months anyway” – imo excess this week (no numbers) of over 65 probably delayed from prev week and some brought forward and will balance out by EoY

  7. No Churchillian Spirit from Boris

    Boris Johnson warns Brits to avoid ‘temptation’ of going out in warm weekend weather

    -Churchill: Keep Britain Moving. Observe physical distancing advice and Go to the beaches, the gardens, the parks, the hills and show Britain won’t be beaten

    Matt Hancock stands by his claim that the UK was “well-equipped” for coronavirus pandemic

    H: “Our goal was 10,000 tests pd by end March”
    H: “Our goal is 100,000 tests pd by end April”

    Really shows how sh1t Gov and NHS is at doing things, 100,000pd would be peanuts for private sector

    Gov: C4 News “Good News”: NI to open drive through self test in huge car park: pickup kit in tent 1, drive to tent 2-6 and do test, then leave in bin

    Sounds good so far? Be patient, very patient – 300 per wait for it, not hour; 300 per Day :facepalm

    Vid @2m 25s

  8. Paradigmatic, innit?

    OTOH, the GBP, like ghostly teenagers, gloomily claps healthcare workers, torn as it is between Boxer the horse and Kip’s Rule.

    On the Other H, none of it computes or matters, if policy results in more dead children than it does in old busters.

    To that extent, the bizarre Chicom indulgence of St Greta takes second place to our own death cult.

    Things have never looked so good. For those shorting Yurp.

  9. Fuhrer Ursula von der Leyen expressed “particular” concern over an emergency law in Hungary that has given nationalist premier Viktor Orbán sweeping powers

    Ha, ha. However, your sweeping powers banning all national flags and emblems anywhere in EU buildings were “essential” and didn’t “go too far” or “need scrutiny”?

    The World Health Organisation ‘is a joke’ too

    WHO director general is a puppet of Chinese Communist party

  10. 3M is [Not] selling lifesaving PPE to foreign countries over US

    Shut up Tucker. 3M is selling lifesaving PPE to distributors as all large manufacturers do

    Maria grills 3M CEO on exporting lifesaving medical gear overseas

    Maria making same error as Tucker by attacking 3M

    Calls to 3M sales team
    – Hi, Dick from Miami plod, we’d like N95 masks
    – 3M Which one? How many?
    – Dick, Dunno, maybe 1,000
    – 3M Too small, contact a distributor or retailer

    – Hi, Ben. Joe from Acme Dist We’d like 10 Million SKU N95-1234 and 10 Million N95-1237 please
    – 3M Should be with you on Wednesday

    Disclosure: We have a relationship with 3M and receive free samples and many webinar invites

    This isn’t about a pan-demic any more. It’s a plan-demic that mutated into a scam-demic

    Redemption: The New York Times’ coronavirus coverage can be explained in 4 steps

    The left:
    Early in the outbreak: “Trump’s Racist”
    Later in the outbreak: “Trump didn’t do enough”

  11. Orange man bad. He’s such a Nazi, a Fascist no less, why didn’t he close the borders in December?

  12. @Pcar @Jussi

    BBC Antifa are The real Fascists

    BBC: Stay in house, don’t go into your garden, don’t cycle, don’t cut grass, don’t use strimmer…

    Public health officials have stressed it is vital people stay at home – amid fears a combination of sunny weather and lockdown fatigue could result in government guidance being ignored this weekend
    It’s an opinion that’s being echoed by Senior Surgeon, Niall Eames and former Police Officer, Norman Brennan.
    While Niall Eames is urging the public to steer clear of any unnecessary activities that could add further strain to our already overloaded A&E departments
    Norman Brennan is warning that police won’t hold back on issuing fines for those found to be flouting the rules

    Left “don’t do” is now way OTT and farcical. Now is the time for sheeple to rebel and do what they want. Refuse to speak to plod or accept fine, they can’t arrest & lockup everyone

  13. @Evident – “Refuse to speak to plod or accept fine, they can’t arrest & lockup everyone”

    If you refuse to speak to the police they can’t make a determination as to whether your trip is essential or not. Just have a shopping bag in your hand and keep quiet. And you can’t be arrested for not giving your details as that is only required to give a FPN and they can’t give that till they determine that you are doing something not essential. Which by the way is a subjective test. Something essential to one person, like vape liquid, is not essential to another, say a health freak vegan.

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