Intricacies of language

I was wondering why they were bothering:

Supermarkets put squeeze on clothing lines suppliers

Not that may people still hang out their washing so it sounds like a pretty small market to concentrate upon.

Aha, clothing lines are different from clothes lines…..not that I could explain why in linguistic terms, just one of those things I recognise as being so.

11 thoughts on “Intricacies of language”

  1. We still hang out the washing, but then on a hot day with a steady breeze, it dries in minutes rather than hours.

  2. Clothing is derived from the verb, to clothe? Not directly from the collective noun, clothes.

  3. “Does lycra for podgy middle-aged cyclists count?

    Isn’t that counted as specialist fetish wear?

  4. One is a physical item, a piece of rope or whatever strung between two posts giving the appearance of a line made solid; the other is non-material: a line in a spreadsheet (or a row in a table).

  5. The Meissen Bison

    If one is happy with the distinction between ‘fewer’ and ‘less’ then this should not be hard. You can count clothes but not clothing so you can have fewer clothes but less clothing.

  6. It’s almost comical to see the press suddenly realise that shutting down retail is going to have a knock on effect For producers and that a lot of those producers maybe in developing countries.
    As someone said you don’t buy a new outfit to stay home (think it was boss of next)

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