Is it just me?

This is according to a typically useful study from Anglia Ruskin University.

Or does everyone read that as Angela Ruskin U and then wonder who she was?

8 thoughts on “Is it just me?”

  1. Murphy is employed by or does work of some sort for them, so whatever it is and was, it’s clearly a bottom of the heap institution

  2. @AndrewM: It was originally Cambridge School of Art. There was a period when it was called Anglia Polytechnic U, then switched to the current ARU as Ruskin apparently encouraged the original art school. It’s pretty good for music, when life is normal I like going to their lunchtime concerts.

  3. Bravefart, it is…

    Never really looked at it, so looked up their page, then checked their areas of research.. Then nearly chucked a rainbow…

    It would consult Murphy….

  4. Tim – me too.

    Similarly, I didn’t realise until literally a year ago that the late Richard and the ridiculously foxy Kate are called Beckinsale, not Beckinsdale.

  5. When your train pulls into Cambridge, the boards at the station read: Welcome to Cambridge – home of Anglia Ruskin University. 🙂

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