Isn’t this just absolutely terrible?

While the anti-coronavirus lockdowns springing up around the US came as a surprise to many, the involvement of the conservative billionaire DeVos family, repeated donors to a slew of dubious rightwing causes, should not.

The family – which includes Betsy DeVos, Trump’s education secretary – has been a regular donor to the Michigan Freedom Fund, which helped promote a Michigan protest against the state’s stay-at-home orders in mid-April.

That rally, which saw about 3,000 people descend on the state’s capitol building, in Lansing, sparked a slew of other protests in states, and an endorsement from Trump.

But the DeVoses’ donations to the Michigan Freedom Fund – more than half a million dollars over the past four years, including from Betsy DeVos herself – are the tip of an iceberg of support for conservative causes.

Conservative type people spend their money on conservative type things.

Horrors, eh? Better tax it all off them so that proper progressives can decide upon the allocation of funds.

16 thoughts on “Isn’t this just absolutely terrible?”

  1. Their billionaire donors are terrible people and must be stamped out!
    Our billionaire donors are marvellous people, working in our best interests!

  2. From the same hacks that tell you how terrible it is that right wing philanthropists don’t support the same causes as left wing philanthropists. Can’t we give these cunts their own country to fuck up and leave us alone?

  3. Gates needs a Clinton-style accident.

    Blojo is supposed to be back to work today–so runs the scuttlebutt. He had best end the LD quick. Every day means more trouble for the economy.

    Now his worst foe is the dome full of BluLabour garbage he carries around on his shoulders and his own arrogance,

    Does he:
    1-Have the brains to cancel HSR2? Almost certainly not
    2-Will he boot Huawei? I think not
    3-Does he understand that his 600 billion giveaway budget is dead? I think prob not.
    4-Does he get it that there will be no £300 billion giveaway to his “new” seats? Also doubt that. Stupid-Toryism to think he could buy people like that.
    5-Will he be able to cope with the mass rage coming his way? Hysterics can turn on a sixpence. Ending the LD must happen–every day longer damages the economy more. But ending the LD forces people to face the ruins. And look for someone else to blame other than their own feminised gutlessness

    Bloj will print vast sums to try and undo the mess his bad decision to kiss hysteria’s arse has caused. But whatever he does from now on will make it worse.Desperate attempts to re-inflate a burst bubble are not feel-good giveaways. They will bring their own bad effects without achieving much at all.

    The only sane plan–let everything fall and let go of taxes and regulation while ending state meddling and allowing the market to do its work–is beyond a Korporate Krony socialist like Bloj. Light years beyond him.

    He was set fair and he has fucked that–conned by a SCS that hates him and scammed him deliberately.

  4. What’s a Clinton-style accident, Mr Ecks> Does it involve a blowjob with a young Downing Street intern? Can anyone have one?

  5. RLJ: They already use our money and soldiers and influence (such as we have left) to fuck up other countries. But they naturally wish to fuck us up as well.

  6. For somebody who doesn’t have to face the electorate for almost five years, Johnson is amazingly frit of the public.

  7. Ecks, with the formation of the China research group I think it more likely that Huawei deal will be consigned to history. Too early yet to start retribution and there will never be enough but China will suffer.

  8. Thud–Hope you are right.

    BiS–Billy boy’s cigar-sucking and white stains are almost benign next to the roster of accidents, suicides, motiveless murders and mystery deaths that surround the Clintons.

    As Baron Gruner said to Sherlock Holmes: “Do not inquire into my affairs Mr Holmes. It is not a …lucky thing to do”.

  9. Can’t we give these cunts their own country to fuck up and leave us alone?

    It was called the Soviet Union. And they fucked it up.

  10. Johnson’s made some BS speech. Can’t find full text but what I hear so far its the same old bullshit as before. So he is back to do–it seems–absolutely the stupidest shite he could do.

    Increasingly Bloj looks like he deserves and has earned what he will get.

  11. Dubious causes? More dubious journalism from that monument to the triumph of ideology over reality, the Garbagian.

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