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It is a major worry, indeed

Up to 9.5 million women and girls could miss out on vital family planning services this year because of Covid-19, potentially resulting in thousands of deaths.

Marie Stopes International warned on Friday that travel restrictions and lockdowns could have a devastating affect on women as they struggle to collect contraceptives and access other reproductive healthcare services, such as safe abortions, across the 37 countries in which it works.

The world’s going to pot, the economy is crashing, we’re being hit by a pandemic. And a major concern is whether women will be able to carry on having penetrative sex.

Oh yes.

We might even worry as to whether men will be able to carry on having penetrative sex during these dark times.

A useful piece of guidance being that times are tough all over. Use a bit of imagination, variance perhaps in methods and modes of getting off. You know, because times are hard all over?

20 thoughts on “It is a major worry, indeed”

  1. We might even worry as to whether men will be able to carry on having penetrative sex during these dark times.

    You know, because times are hard all over?

    Answered your own proposition methinks.

  2. As we sit, isolated, in the pile of rubble that used to be civilisation, the rule of law, and an economy, a major part of our BBC Regional News was given over to “mums-to-be whose birth plans will have to be changed because of the coronavirus”.

    Oh noes!

  3. “could” is generally doing a lot of work in these PR pieces. There’s no problem getting contraceptive pills. They’re allowing women to do abortions themselves. Rubber johnnies by the box load from Amazon.

    My guess is that there’s going to be not much difference. Couples who are already shagging are going to have some more babies, but with less socialisation going on, Sandra won’t be getting up the duff because of Darren shagging her around the bins behind Ritzys.

  4. At least thinking of Andrex was a form of mindbleach from my first reaction to this post, namely, does this increase the chance of “Dick” Murphy and Diane having a lovechild? They are true pros, however. I trust them to do the right thing

  5. Maybe the shortage of masks’ll lead Boris to recommend the return of the letter-box look. So maybe the on-coming baby boom’ll be aborted.

  6. Is it me or is the subtext here that this is a result of the actions, or mere existence, of white privileged males?

  7. In normal times about 840 abortions are carried out per day. Coronavirus is still killing fewer than that.

  8. I was expecting the last word of the first sentence to be “births”.

    But then this is the Marie Stopes lot, so I suppose I should have guessed.

  9. potentially resulting in thousands of deaths

    From lack of contraception and abortion?

    Nope, makes no sense

    Here’s a novel idea: Don’t want a baby? Don’t have sex


    Good one

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