Lockdown kills people, see?

Care homes have seen a rise in deaths that have nothing to do with coronavirus as hospitals fail to take in residents as patients.

HC One, the UK’s biggest care home provider, said the death rate among its 17,500 residents was around three times last year’s, but only half those additional deaths were directly linked to Covid-19.

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  1. Doctors are beginning to notice that people are dying from heart problems and strokes caused by Covid but without respiratory or any other symptoms. Blood clots while otherwise asymptomatic. Meaning the numbers just are not telling the story.

  2. Jimmers, I saw it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22Bn8jsGI54

    The other 60 vids in the series are worthwhile too.

    However, in answer to your question, those clots also occur in symptomatic patients and can cause various organ failures along with the respiratory problems we have been led to believe are the mechanism by which covid kills.

    I am not a doctor, I just see this stuff on the internet and believe some of it. Usual precautions apply.

  3. Excuse me, but we’ve just shut down the whole fucking economy for over a month so that hospitals won’t be overwhelmed, and now they’re picking and choosing whom to take, and especially not accepting covid 19 cases, especially the one who are most at risk of needing hospital care?

    Have I missed something or is this totally fucking mental?

  4. @Jack

    The thousands of spare beds in the NHS are there on the recomendation of Dr Fergusen just in case foot & mouth gets out of control.

  5. rhoda

    Andrew C
    Isn’t Ferguson predicting >100k deaths if we ease lock down now? Is he providing cover to continue the lock down or is he just a useful idiot.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    Doctors are beginning to notice that people are dying from heart problems and strokes caused by Covid but without respiratory or any other symptoms. Blood clots while otherwise asymptomatic. Meaning the numbers just are not telling the story.

    Doctors were noticing 2-3 weeks ago, at least. What’s just happened is that the MSM need a new agenda and stick to beat the government.

    Also, watch for the government’s messaging slowly changing. They went so hard on frightening the proles to make them think it was the black death as son as they stepped out that they’ve go to start unwinding that message before any easing of lockdown. Its likely that people will still be so frightened that they won’t do much anyway.

    Somehow they’ve got to get back to pointing out that flattening the curve was never about stopping the virus and that we’ve got to learn to live with the virus for quite some time.

    Having said that, I think there is something in making sure that any 2nd and subsequent wave doesn’t get out of hand for practical and psychological reasons.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset


    That video is very compelling and sort of answers some of the early work and stories:

    I was listening to a Brit who lives in China about 200km from Wuhan and he was taking about seeing videos of people walking down the street and just collapsing, IIRC he said one was a cop walking with 2 colleagues. That could certainly be a symptom of thrombosis.

    In the early days there was a lot of talk about symptoms looking like high altitude sickness, again the video covers why the virus might cause it.

    Frightening stuff, but good to see some very bright people working on it.

    Another good resource is Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying’s DarkHorse Podcast Livestream: SARS-CoV2 DarkHorse Podcast Livestream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKtsx0fZzzQ

  8. I’ve started taking 75mg/day aspirin again prophylactically. I had done for years but stopped some while ago – can’t remember why. I have had occasional blind spots that fade over a couple of hours. The doc said it was probably short term blockages in the retinal vessels & aspirin tends to prevent that. Whether it’ll do any good against cov-induced thrombosis I dunno but every little helps if there is such an effect.

  9. There are serious issues with healthcare for non-COVID patients, but very few of the ones in this article seem “lockdown”-related: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52446841

    The way the lockdown has been implemented in the UK, it certainly doesn’t include any rule like “thou shalt not call an ambulance if thou suspecteth a heart attack” nor “thou shalt not offer thy patients their cancer screening”. It’s always been very clear that medical care has been an exception to the restrictions on working or movement. I have no problem that the lockdown will result in deaths from suicide or domestic violence that would otherwise not have occurred, and saved lives from reduced traffic and industrial accidents too, but I don’t think the medical stuff is as easy to link directly to the lockdown nor would lifting the lockdown sort out those problems, which are largely to do with what configuration of services healthcare providers feel it is safe to offer.

    My hospital had stopped all elective surgery and almost all outpatients work, and my GP had moved to telephone-only appointments (with suspected COVID cases told to use 111 instead, and in-person appointments only if deemed necessary as a result of the tele-appointment) well before the lockdown rules came in. These are all harmful restrictions on access to healthcare but would have happened lockdown or no lockdown. Getting these services up and running again will be challenging (some services have switched to smaller facilities which can only be accessed by people negative for COVID in the hope that this will render them safe for vulnerable people to use, for example, but there must be limits on how well that will scale) but I can’t see that work being easier in a counterfactual world where we never entered lockdown.

  10. @Rhoda Klapp

    ‘… but without respiratory or any other symptoms.’ Infection is not disease. Symptoms = disease. No symptoms, no disease. You can’t die from a disease you don’t have.

  11. Canada quoted a mortality rate of 1.2% that it used in its modelling and stated that was from Imperial.
    Given how a bad seasonal flu is more like 0.1/% you can see how Ferguson ends up with big scary numbers

  12. @BiND April 28, 2020 at 9:17 am

    +1 I posted here a couple of weeks ago about Docs worried critical not phoning 999 due to Gov’s “Protect NHS” mantra. MSM ignored – Left likes deaths


    Stop blaming public for obeying in fear Gov “Stay Home, Protect NHS, Save Lives” and “Do Not Go to GP”

    Lockdown killing more than it saves. So much that NHS now advertising on TV “We Want More Patients”

    Steve Hilton: End the shutdown and save lives now

    Senior adviser to the president Jared Kushner joins ‘The Next Revolution’ to discuss the White House’s coronavirus response efforts

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