My word, aren’t they efficient?

A scientist testing for coronavirus at the Government’s first “super lab” says staff are being sent home early because there is so little to do and work is like a “leisurely jog rather than a marathon”.

Gianmarco Raddi, a molecular biologist volunteering at the Milton Keynes “Lighthouse Lab”, said as few as 1,000 swabs have been analysed for Covid-19 in a single day, dramatically lower than the “tens of thousands” it was told it would be processing.

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, officially opened the site 10 days ago [SUBS: April 9] declaring it the first of three such laboratories which will make up the “biggest diagnostic lab network in British history”.

Despite the minister saying each laboratory would have “industrial capacity” to test samples from patients and frontline NHS staff each day, Mr Raddi has told how academics and lab technicians are sent…

Sure, slips t’wixt cup and lip and all that but government does everything badly.

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    All the noise around testing in the MSM is weird. Lots of shouting but little explanation of what it can and can’t do.

    There was an article in on the BBC website about testing in Germany and if you weren’t careful it could easily have been read that testing in and of itself was the reason they had a lower death rate. There was no explanation at all linking one with the other and explaing how the testing rate led to the lower death rate.

    And then testing of NHS and care home staff. Nobody points out that the result refers to the exact moment of taking the swab and that the person being tested needs to go straight in to quarantine until the result comes in if it is going to have any use at all.

    And I don’t understand the government communications around the issue. They seem to have lost their political brains and keep making announcements that just look desperate. They’re letting PHE, NHS and civil servants get away with abject failure whilst trotting out what they’re being told.

  2. Take banking boy Sunak.

    The new Great non-white hope as first imported PM.

    Going to hand out huge quantities of cash–but doesn’t seem to know that it takes CS 16 weeks from dole claim to cheque NOW–never mind adding a couple of million to the dole. And –prob–millions more cheqs to businesses/individuals etc. All with their associated bullshit procedure to be worked out + taught to the troops–those not off sick. But Banker Boy seems to think that is covered by issuing his e-dick-t (sic) and the magic money will be issued magically in time.

    They could have drafted in new cheq cutters and allowed them to work double and night shifts on time and a half/double time with full flexitime(if they still have that). There would have been plenty of volunteers and while it still would be behind , many times the number of cheques would have been sent.

    Perhaps enough to stop the April Payrolls being the meltdown that it seems likely they will be.

    If this is what BlueLabour acclaim as one of the new “stars” of Blojo’s Cabinet then trouble would have come along sooner or later.

    But it is here now and most of the Tory mug line-up will be dissolving in the acid rain to come.

    I’ve said before Blojo was the best of a VERY,VERY bad bunch. And I didn’t vote for shite like Gove–one of Treason May’s creatures –to be PM . Let alone ZaNu.

    But if Johnson doesn’t get back to it quick and get the LD off even quicker then Bloj might as well stay home with his feet up for good. His fate will be what was planned for us.

    The Cabinet of smug arrogant bastards show no hint of that and indeed they look like they are waiting for Bloj to carry the can.

  3. It’s funny how the things deemed essential three weeks ago now appear not to be; and vice-versa. Ventilators aren’t as good as hoped, and may even be harming patients. Testing isn’t much use – if you feel unwell, stay at home; if you don’t feel unwell, there’s no point testing you. Contact tracing is dead in the water. Masks were rubbished; now they are lauded. Three weeks ago, we demanded a lockdown; now we demand to be freed.

    “They seem to have lost their political brains”

    Except Trump, who has an uncanny ability to sense which way the wind is blowing.

  4. I’ll also add the following:-

    reading something by a lorry driver saying he arrived at 3:45pm and no-one present to receive PPE that was on the way as everyone had gone home. OK, I get it normally, but shouldn’t the chief at a trust make sure this is received? Maybe be there to personally get it if not?

    Twitter full of people who signed up to volunteer for the NHS saying they haven’t heard a peep.

    Personally signed up for volunteering for local council thing. Didn’t get vetting email for over 11 days. Haven’t had anyone contact me in the week since asking for help.

    Meanwhile, people have knocked up Facebook groups that are matching requests and requirements. Web people I know are setting up shops for bricks and mortar companies in a weekend. F1 teams are getting stuff designed in very little time (probably working their weekends).

    I get that the state is generally fucking useless, but in a crisis, ministers should be literally yelling at civil servants to pull out the stops, work late, work weekends, “fuck what your contract says, because you won’t have one at the end of this if you carry on like that”.

  5. Bloke on M4–And they now have the power to sack the entire Senior Civil Service without compo AND confiscate their pensions. Detractors have always said that couldn’t be done cos Rule of Law/Contract.

    Well NOW it fucking can.

    We just know it won’t of course. Cos what they do to others might also turn out to be the polipigs own fate.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    Somebody on Twatter pointed out that it only seems to be Labour supporting doctors and nurses who were short of PPE. My comment:
    Its a Tory plot to ensure Labour supporting health staff die of C19 and only leave Tory voters alive then they can sell the NHS to Donald trump. I know that’s true because I read it on the Internet and BBC website.

  7. @Andrew M

    ‘It’s funny how the things deemed essential three weeks ago now appear not to be…’

    More testing will reveal just how many people have the virus, how many have or had no or non-serious symptoms. As the actual number of infected, rather than reported, individuals grows into the millions, the real death rate will be approaching zero. Then the compliant population will feel like idiots for being so fooled and will turn on the politicians.

    Much better to avoid testing and call it a draw.

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