Not, perhaps, the best of precedents

Harry and Meghan eye Malibu properties close to where Princess Diana planned to live with Dodi Fayed

And it will be Meghan driving that choice. Having actually been there – a number of times – it ain’t that much cop. Unless you want the cachet of living there, a cachet that exists in that acting and showbiz set and not really anywhere else.

And if I were being really unkind I’d mutter something about marrying well being madame’s only chance of gaining a residence in Malibu. An ambition likely to exist given her membership of that set that thinks there’s the cachet.

16 thoughts on “Not, perhaps, the best of precedents”

  1. In the 70’s and 80’s movies Malibu houses were always on the beach along that large road where the residents would park their cars. Many scenes where people hop on of cars by the road, usually held at gunpoint. Quite a busy road too, many lanes. Might’ve been redeveloped since the 80’s to provide better security and safer access to the houses.

  2. Last time I was there was the 90s. And (erm, Route 1? 101? ) the road was still just like that. Has to be – skimming along the littoral between the mountains and the sea.

  3. In The Long Goodbye (1973), they would just walk to the beach from the house, no gates no fences, Just decking.

  4. I assumed it was also popular because of proximity to where the movie industry meetings take place.

    She still thinks she can turn royal status into a movie career, despite never being that big and that there’s plenty of better known 38 year old actresses doing Hallmark movies.

    Also, kinda shits on that whole “moving to Canada for privacy” thing, doesn’t it? Land of the Free. First amendment and all that…

  5. Jussi, a couple of Columbo episodes are set in Malibu… Beach houses etc and permanently stoned beach trash

  6. The road through Malibu is the 1. It joins the 101 at Oxnard and then heads up the coast to San Francisco

  7. Judging by the psychos from Two and a Half Men that live in Malibu, they’ll probably be right at home.
    Lot more normal than Life With the Windsors.

  8. Ironic in the sense it’s ground Zero for the steisland effect. I agree with BoM4, Meg’s not suddenly going to be an oscar winning strato acting star just cos she’s living in movie land, but all the clebs and stars and moguls will want to rub shoulders with them. Their social life will be pretty glittery. So I can see an Osbornes/ Kardashians reality thing taking off. Why not?: it’s not so degrading if it’s a success and maybe there’s a twist where it’s just archie’s baby life or something. Of course it almost certainly swipes everything officially “Royal” off the table for the future, but… you know, they didn’t want that anyway.

  9. What a contrast with his bro – who hopes to return to flying an air ambulance- this must finish meg and Harry in the public’s eye. Swanning around Malibu with superficial deadbeats.
    Did no one tell harry meg is the kinda girl you bang not marry?

  10. @Eks
    Several actually. The one from the Santa Monica freeway (I-10) to Pacific Coast Highway (SR-1) is particularly infamous for accidents. There are also several in the Santa Monica mountains just above Malibu.

  11. @Swiss toni

    Did no one tell harry meg is the kinda girl you bang not marry?

    Philip, Charles, Andrew, William and Harry’s now ex-friends all did

    iirc Prince Philip’s was “Step out with, but don’t…”

    Meghan is a manipulative, abusive gold digging bitch who cares about nobody. Harry & Archie will be dumped when a better opportunity appears


    Lots of white Beetles ; )

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