Oh, right,

The cause of death has not been stated.


Rogers struggled with opiate addiction


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  1. Dennis, Bringer of Joy

    Such broad interests: Royalty and rappers

    You’re sounding cranky, Diogenes.

    That’s my job, so knock it off.

  2. I saw “Rogers” and thought it might be somebody I’d maybe heard of, like Kenny or Roy but, no it wasn’t.

  3. Once upon a time I had to take morphine as a pain-killer for a while. It worked well.
    As a pleasure? Nah. So I have developed no intuition as to why people become addicted to opiates.

    Beer, wine, gin, whisky – yes, I can understand that. Opiates – not a clue.

  4. Surreptitious Evil

    Having been given all of the propaganda (and having has to deal with an employee who was heroin addicted, thankfully before I was the owner of a SME), I was quite disappointed when I was given morphine in A&E (with a dislocated shoulder). It dealt with the pain but, as with dearieme, wasn’t even the slightest hint of fun.

  5. I’ve also had morphine, administered medically. To respond to dearieme and SE, I suspect if you take it when you are experiencing severe physical discomfort then all its goodies go into reducing that discomfort. So there’s nothing left over for a jolly.

    If on the other hand there’s nothing wrong with you other than a dose of the sadz, I imagine (because so many take it) that it has a pleasant deadening effect. But, as with both of you, that was not my experience of it.

  6. One of the oddities is that those who take opiates for actual pain relief almost never do progress to recreational consumption. Even those taking it for odd forms of pain relief – huge numbers of US troops did in Vietnam and they gave it up when they went home with little problem. Rather a too large portion of those who take it for recreational reasons do get addicted.

    The physical addiction is rather less than it’s portrayed too – “cold turkey” is a case of ‘flu, no more. While cold turkey from proper booze addiction can and does kill. Opiates are more of a psychological addiction than anything else. In fact, according to some theories, entirely so.

  7. I can attest to suffering bad stomach cramps from taking kaolin and morphine. But surely there is a proper heroinista on this blog, we have experts on most other topics?

  8. The Meissen Bison

    We’ve plenty of expertise on Murphine commenting here but luckily no addicts unless they be 5th columnists.

    I should correctly have said earlier that there needed to be a “no Trigger” warning for those who were unfamiliar with the Rodgers in Q.

  9. Wife was on opiates for over 6 months at one point, she just stopped even though they suggested weaning off them, said she didn’t see what all the fuss was about

  10. Surreptitious Evil said:
    “I was quite disappointed when I was given morphine in A&E”

    I got nitrous oxide in an ambulance and I could see why people take that for fun. I was rather disappointed when they took it off me.

  11. I know a couple of people who’ve been addicted* to smack. In both cases they were, and still are, caners. So perhaps there is something in the addictive personality thing and that it can be inherited. The father of one of these friends was a lifelong alkie.

    However, while both of them fell into a bit of a life hole with heroin, they got off it pretty easily once they were determined to do so and neither have gone back to it despite enthusiastically consuming other drugs. And we’re going back 20-25 years to their smack days.

    I used to know a French guy who would do heroin when he visited the UK, just as a treat because he was on holiday. As far as I know he never developed a habit.

    Never tried it myself. Would have been happy to give it a go when I was younger, but the time has probably passed. I’ve never been a big fan of stuff that zonks you out so I doubt it would appeal.

    *You could argue, were they really ‘addicted’ bearing in mind that they came off it for life, the first time they tried to do so? Took me longer to pack in the fags.

  12. ‘they gave it up when they went home with little problem’

    There was better shit to do at home.

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