Or, you know…..

Scientists have raised concerns about the quality of diagnostic tests performed by government labs, warning that infections could be missed because they are not sensitive enough.

A scientist at Public Health England said the in-house tests that have been in use since February are performing worse than commercial kits, which labs have been advised to switch to by the end of the month.

An internal PHE document, shared with the Guardian, suggests supply chain issues that hampered the UK’s ability to ramp up the numbers of tests performed may also have negatively affected the quality of testing, because labs have had to rely on substandard chemicals and reagents.

Could be that PHE has fucked up as mightily as CDC did…..

5 thoughts on “Or, you know…..”

  1. PHE is entirely useless. It needs to be defunded, disbanded and then a black mark to be put on the CV of anyone who worked there. For a start. No enquiries, no ‘lessons have been learned’, just do it.

  2. It is curious that Taiwan began testing even before the virus was declared community transmissible, and the testing seems to have worked. Since then the tests have got less and less reliable. How come?

  3. The central problem with all these arms length govt agencies is that the staff are protected.
    Personally I think any agency of govt.should be directly controlled, tbis arms length / independent agency nonsense is clearly a fig leaf.
    How many staff are paid more than the PM and have protected public sector pensions?
    The highest paid person paid out of taxation should be the PM, that position is top of the tree, that includes charidees, local govt and agencies like PHE, all other positions paid less.
    Public sector pensions & their protected status in comparison to the DCS schemes most of the private sector are on are another source of problems, people with a taxpayer funded pension have no skin in the game, economy collapses – doesn’t matter- they still get paid, unlike all the poor sods who pay taxes and are governed by a different set of rules.

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