Presumably A Dictator’s Favourite Pizza Topping Is Tre Professori?

7 thoughts on “Presumably A Dictator’s Favourite Pizza Topping Is Tre Professori?”

  1. I was under the impression this was the website of the Ankh- Morpork Times on a slow news day.

  2. EU / Brexit

    The chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the German parliament, Norbert Röttgen, said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson must agree to extend the transition period for up to two years to avoid the alleged economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

    – Bugger of Mr Hun

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to take charge of UK-EU trade negotiations personally and will tell Brussels that its demands on fishing rights and regulatory alignment are unrealistic.

    The report comes after the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said on Friday that the United Kingdom could not decline to extend the transition period if it also refuses to surrender “on certain subjects that are important for the European Union”

    – Boris must be strong with EU and not surrender as he has to CV-19

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