Quite so

Natalie Solent (Essex)
April 15, 2020 at 3:23 pm
Seen in several places: so how did you like your free 30-day trial of socialism?

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  1. this one was fun, too, lower down the thread, from a Latvian: “Note also that, compared to the collapse of the Soviet Union, this crisis looks like a holiday. And even the collapse of the Soviet Union was a holiday, compared to annexation to the Soviet Union.”

  2. Off topic…..

    A friend of mine wrote a post to Spud. Pointed out that Spud’s house was worth £335k+ and that he’s boasted of being mortgage free and so before handing out the begging bowl and asking people with less than £335k personal wealth to give him money, he ought to consider equity release. At his age he could get up to a third of that in a non-repayable interest free loan.

    Spud hasn’t responded.

    Seems a previously unknown aspect of socialism is preserving one’s own wealth at the expense of those less fortunate.

  3. (well not interest free of course but the interest is rolled up. Spud wouldn’t pay any interest)

  4. @Andrew C

    Plus he is over 60 so should be taking his pension (or at least the 25% tax free lump sum)

    I am not sure if his hustling is driven by total financial incompetence or pure egotism.

  5. Andrew C, that’s delicious. There is also the point that a man so against inherited wealth being passed to descendants could not possibly argue against equity release to fund your current life and retain any credibility.

  6. For a variation on tutti spudda:
    The NHS slogan should be “Everything within the NHS, nothing outside the NHS, nothing against the NHS”.

    A few of the new commandments:
    I am the LORD thy NHS
    No other healthcare before me
    Not take the NHS’s name in vain
    Remember the sabbath day, this is now Thursday 8PM
    Thou shalt not kill by going outside
    Thou shalt not covet other better healthcare systems

  7. The lavish praise heaped upon Rishi Sunak is a little premature. He’s throwing money around like a drunken sailor socialist, and it looks like it will last far more than 30 days. Yes we have unforeseen circumstances, but it’s not clear that paying 80% of everyone’s wages is an optimal solution.

  8. “I am not sure if his hustling is driven by total financial incompetence or pure egotism.”
    Entitlement. All sense of entitlement.

  9. @ Andrew M
    If he needs to pump money into the economy, can you think of a better way of doing it? At least it doesn’t all end up in the pockets of the usual suspects.

  10. To add to the above, if he doesn’t a lot of people will be running up debt. Better the government borrows at low interest rates than the banks make a packet borrowing low & lending at credit card & u/s overdraft rates.

  11. Interesting that one of the criteria is the NHS across the U.K. must be able to cope, so everyone has to wait for the hot spots to sort themselves out, London being the worst.
    Also the 91% had something else than Covid seems to have been buried on the BBC with another article about BAME risk being on the front page, an article that takes no urban demographics into account and still uses the 2011 % race figures for comparison.

  12. Five tests? That rings a bell. Ah yes, the monocular maniac’s conditions for joining the Euro. Five subjective tests that can never be satisfied.

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