RSC asks public to #ShareYourShakespeare for Bard’s birthday

Shall I compare thee to a coronavirus?
Thou art more deadly and infectious
Rough winds of May will soon shake us
As we suffer the bans of the illustrious

etc etc

16 thoughts on “RSC asks public to #ShareYourShakespeare for Bard’s birthday”

  1. Neither Shakespeare or Corona Virus, but:
    There once was a man called Bruno,
    Who said, “there’s one thing I do know,
    Women are fine,
    Sheep just divine,
    But llamas are numero uno!”

    Apologies to Tim, but sorry, the RSC? Fuck off!
    I refuse to take this lurgy seriously.
    Total world deaths from CV19 this morning, according to Worldometer, 134,754.
    Total world deaths from Hong Kong flu, ’68/’69, over one million.
    “And the panic and lockdown will continue.”

  2. Total world deaths from CV19 this morning, according to Worldometer, 134,754.
    Total world deaths from Hong Kong flu, ’68/’69, over one million.

    To be fair, we’ve only been at this three months. It ain’t over ’till the fat lady drowns in her own lung juice.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset


    To be fair, we’ve only been at this three months. It ain’t over ’till the fat lady drowns in her own lung juice.

    I didn’t remember the world social distancing and locking down either.

  4. “Thoughts and feelings, standing in the queue outside Tesco…”

    Tomorrow and tomorow and tomorrow
    creeps in this petty pace from day to day
    To the last syallable of recorded time.
    And all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death…

  5. re: John Wilkinson April 16, 2020 at 10:43 am
    ‘The ONS looked at nearly 4,000 deaths during March in England and Wales where coronavirus was mentioned on the death certificate.
    In 91% of cases the individuals had other health problems.
    Nick Stripe, head of health analysis at the ONS, said understanding what the deaths from coronavirus meant was “difficult and challenging”.’

    What I find interesting is that even the ONS seem to be a bit puzzled and even worried about how the figures don’t seem quite right. Have a lot of deaths been ‘brought forward’ by this? By how much? “these figures don’t say exactly how many months or years coronavirus has taken off their life.”

    Will things just settle down to normal by mid-summer, fall below normal later in the year, or carry until there is a much younger and fitter population with reduced life expectancy?

  6. Suppose that in August, November or January 2021 the number of deaths suddenly fell significantly below the five year rolling average. Would it be fair to say that CV19 shortened the lives of susceptible patients by 6, 9 or 11 months?

  7. I didn’t remember the world social distancing and locking down either.

    Indeed, BiND. I wasn’t going soft on anti-lockdownness. But this thing is, nevertheless, rather shitty.

    In fact, that’s one of the major reasons against locking down, in my view. Much more likely than not, COVID-19 will make a return in September. If the plague rats don’t go back to school until then (as the teachers’ unions are agitating for) then there will be a sudden and massive mixing of the uninfected population.

  8. djc
    The point about that report that I felt worth mentioning was that if one was to make a crude reckoning of the 91% who died WITH cv as being very sick (reasonably likely with the stated BBC/ONS figure for each of the 91% having, on average, 2.7 serious underlying health problems?) and therefore likely to die soonish anyway (don’t wish to appear unkind), then that leaves 9% who are supposed to have actually died OF cv. That makes 360 out of the 4,000 total deaths, but of those 360, how many have actually been confirmed as dying OF it?
    It’s been acknowledged that a lot of deaths are not being properly certificated and, as far as I’m aware, no PMs have been performed on supposed CV deaths so it might be thought the 9% to be a potentially inaccurate figure.
    What I’m saying is the death numbers appear to me to have been “adjusted” to suit the government’s agenda of frightening us into being kept incarcerated, and therefore justifying that mistaken and disastrous decision for a bit longer.

  9. And last year was a good flu season with less than average deaths so there’s a lot more low hanging fruit around.
    Deaths in elderly population seem to see-saw as a good year just means more people die the following year

  10. @John W
    And further there are plenty of people walking around with significant underlying health problems that are completely asymptomatic and hence undiagnosed. So another (unknowable) proportion of those 360 will probably have had such issues, which might have killed them anyway, or were aggravated by Covid. Apparently healthy people keel over and die – it’s rare, it’s the exception, but it still happens.

  11. re: John Wilkinson April 16, 2020 at 3:19 pm

    Respiratory deaths jumped from 1,534 in week 13 to 2,106 in week 14, so suppose ~700 were of COVID-19. (That number looks right enough if this was just a late season WuFlu ) But there were 3,475 with COVID-19 mentioned on the death certificate, 1,369 more than total respiratory deaths in week 14, so either there are a lot of ‘with’s, or COVID-19 is implicated in a lot of deaths where there was another underlying cause, or COVID-19 is being counted as the sole cause of death. But all deaths week 13 were 11,141 and 16,387 week 14, so a jump of 5,246. That’s 1,771 more that all COVID-19 (with or of), so, if anything the COVID-19 numbers have not been ‘adjusted’ enough.
    I am not inclined to think there is a conspiracy to falsify the numbers, but something is not quite right and rather than sober analysis and seeking to put all this in a context of bad-but-not-the-end-of-the-world, there is all this panic and hysterical over-reaction

  12. Re John Wilkinson & BBC

    C4 News today: We’ve been looking through… and most NHS Staff CV19 deaths are BME not white. We’re looking into this and demanding answers of why this is happening.

    Only two months late you fools at C4 and we know why. USA Surgeon General has been telling yanks for weeks

    2. NHS Staff died today with CV19 – brown/black again
    – Gov should be ‘racist’ and say no brown/black treating CV19 unless they sign disclaimer notifying increased risk

  13. Macbeth and the Hellions of Leftios

    EU Führer Ursula von der Leyen today apologized to Italy on behalf of Europe for its failure to do more to help at the start of the coronavirus pandemic

    Senior MEP Guy Verhofstadt has savaged EU Führer Ursula Von der Leyen and EU Council President Charles Michel amid signs of a union in crisis

    Over to USA
    Media erases never Biden movement in blatant coverup

    Then to Aus
    – PM Morrison under pressure over World Health Organisation funding

    – Nice Headline: IMF’s dire prediction ‘as surprising as being told it rains a lot in the UK’

    Australia’s death toll climbs to… wait for it…. 63 …. and lockdown to continue

  14. 46 here in Thailand. We have lockdown, 10pm to 4am curfew, compulsory masks, restricted alcohol sales and some places are closed to non residents.

    All over by Christmas, as they say.

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