Seems a fair enough award

Liberty identifies as an ‘objectum sexual’ – an individual who is attracted to objects. She objected to being included in an end-of-year article by Sun columnist Jane Moore, which nominated her for a “Dagenham Award (Two Stops Past Barking)” prize, simply because of her sexual attraction to Lumiere.

She also raised concerns about the accuracy of the newspaper’s reporting after the article referred to her being married to the chandelier. She pointed out she was in a relationship with the chandelier but not yet married to it.

The second paragraph does rather justify the first, doesn’t it?

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  1. Ah, I wondered about the name:

    “The Sun also pointed out that Liberty had extensively talked to the media about her attraction towards chandeliers and other objects in the past, having previously changed her surname during a previous self-declared public relationship with New York’s Statue of Liberty”

    Have to say that the Graun article seems to have been written by someone enjoying writing about the Sun’s victory, even a bit tongue in cheek at times. If it had been scribed by the hyperwoke it would have decried Murdoch, the making light of mental health and the failure to respect Liberty’s sexuality, the topped it off by bemoaning the awful sexual discrimination in the justice system.

  2. “The newspaper said that since Liberty had previously exercised her freedom of expression in speaking about her relationship, Moore was entitled to comment on it.”

    Or to translate: “You sought attention, you got attention, don’t start whining if it wasn’t the sort you expected to get…”

  3. MyBurningEars said:
    “… a previous self-declared public relationship with New York’s Statue of Liberty”

    Doesn’t a relationship have to be mutual to be a relationship? And these days isn’t it supposed to be consensual? Is there any evidence that this was?

  4. She couldn’t even get the analogy(?) right. Dagenham is three stops beyond Barking (Becontree is 2)- People used to be described as East Ham

  5. If she bought “Lumiere” on ebay, doesn’t that make “him” a sex slave.

    Call the police (and the chaps with the comfy jackets with the wrap-around sleeves).

  6. Seem to remember that their method involved a lot of screwing and banging and at the crucial moment that they missed and hit the wrong hole, which meant there was no protection and a terrible mess was made

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