Such hatred, such hatred

The newspapers continue their assault on trans people (just yesterday The Scotsman ran a column claiming that it was “a biological fact” that trans women are men)

Umm, among humans, an XY is an entirely reasonable definition – using that biology stuff – of a male. You might disagree, sure, but it’s hardly an assault to put the idea forward now, is it?

22 thoughts on “Such hatred, such hatred”

  1. Carrie quotes some other professional Elgibbityflibbity, who cries, gaily:

    Even now, in 2020, in the post-equal-marriage era, we still face a relentless tide of homophobia.

    Oh no! What are we talking about here – Islamic gravity therapy? Being arrested for cottaging? Mr Humphreys being the comic relief?

    No, it’s worse than that:

    Those of you who follow my Twitter account will know that I regularly receive responses calling me a ‘faggot’ or a ‘puff’

    😀 😀 😀

    Pride is one of the few precious moments of relief we are allowed from this frustrating, constrained existence.

    That’s pretty sad, but whose fault is it? The Indy reported last year that religious people tend to be happier, healthier and more engaged in the community – in itself a vital emotional and social support structure for good mental health – so mebbe Norman Greenbaum was right.

  2. There’s a very thought provoking video out there titled ‘How many fingers, Winston?’ where forced agreement to trans ideology is how the state coerces the individual into acquiescence per 1984. For my own sense of integrity I will make my stand, no one is born into the wrong body. It is crazy that this is a position one has to defend.

  3. “religious people tend to be happier, healthier and more engaged in the community”

    No doubt xe is deeply engaged in the trans community, which validates xer feelings and thus improves xer mental health (at least in the short term). The trans community can be likened to a cult, and thus just one step removed from a bona fide religion.

    Tl;dr: it matters which cult you choose to follow.

  4. ‘Those of you who follow my Twitter account will know that I regularly receive responses calling me a ‘faggot’ or a ‘puff’

    Shows how educational standards have fallen, the correct spelling and pronunciation is ‘pouf’… the colloquial ‘poufter’ is allowed.

    And ‘faggot’ is so Colonial.

  5. Andrew – Yes, but Trannyism is a death cult. Bit like the Hijra in India*, who kidnap boys, castrate them, and force them into prostitution and begging.

    (*The Hijra claim this is trannyphobic lies, but who are we meant to believe? The lived experience of based Hindus, the guys who invented the curry and the number zero, or some weirdo preverts?)

    LGBTQIAWTF deliberately encourages its victims to destroy all healthy and normal human relationships and their long term chance of contentment in the pursuit of a fetish.

    So it does the opposite of what religions do – instead of building social capital it consumes it. Instead of encouraging procreation it sterilises people. Instead of the transcendent**, it offers the transsexual – turning people into mutilated porn addicts who inevitably kill themselves one way or t’other.

    The T isn’t a real community at all, it’s just a bunch of desperately unhappy narcissistic blokes pretending to be laydeeez, and they hate each other almost as much as they hate women. You’re a bigot for noticing this, natch, just as it’s black&deckerophobic to advise people not to try trepanning at home.

    **Philip K Dick might’ve been insane, but the period of his life where he felt God talking to him via a pink ray of light was the highest functioning part of his journey on this planet. Also I feel sure Carrie would benefit from a burkha.

    I feel sure the measure of a religion isn’t dogma, it’s how well it helps people keep playing the game.

  6. ‘but celebrated’


    ‘As I was reminded yesterday, people still stare and glare at you in the street.’

    So your declarations of normalcy fail to change anyone.

    ‘You may well be bored and lonely, but you probably don’t have people wishing you dead on social media or calling you a deviant in the press.’

    Then stay off social media, dumbass.

    The press calling a deviant a deviant? There may be hope for journalism yet!

  7. “you can’t be allowed to say that because it hurts my feelings.”

    Or, you can’t be allowed to say that because I make the unverifiable claim that it hurts my feelings.

    Or even, you can’t be allowed to say that because I claim that it might hurt some stranger’s feelings.

  8. You can’t be allowed to say that because I am a stupid, ugly, malevolent bully, and what I say goes.

  9. “Pull yourself together, man, and put your damned trousers back on!”

    (That’ll be five guineas)

    Sir Lancelot Spratt FRCS

  10. As long as travesties (did you see what I did here?) like this are perpetrated by such perverted sick fucks, we’ll continue the verbal assaults and abuse against ugly trannies like you Carrie:

    “A transgender man who has given birth but does not want to be described as “mother” on a birth certificate has lost an Appeal Court battle. Freddy McConnell wants to be registered as father or parent. Mr McConnell mounted an appeal after a judge ruled against him in September, following a High Court trial in London.”

    “A German transsexual woman whose sperm was used to fertilize an egg with her female partner can be registered only as the child’s father, according to a ruling by the country’s highest civil court.”

  11. Is it easier to follow if one simply deletes the word following ‘trans’ and replaces it with its opposite?

    E.g. “a trans man called Bert”, becomes, “a woman called Bert”.

    Then we can, if we’re interested, try to work out why a woman wants to be called Bert.

  12. ‘because I claim that it might hurt some stranger’s feelings’

    Goddammit! We must protect the hypothetical!

  13. ‘’

    I must admit I found this article about treating we feeble males with female hormones to bolster us against coronavirus hilarious. Perhaps I should bring it to Carrie’s attention.

  14. A statement of simple fact is an ‘assault’ on trannies. But they’re not narcissistic mentalists of course, dear me no. They are just ladees, with sweaty ladeebollocks to match.

    @M’lud – I find it easier to replace ‘trans man’ with ‘self-hating dyke’ and ‘trans woman’ with ‘fat pervert in a dress’. Apart from their actual sex, the main difference between one and t’other is that the blokes in dresses hate women even more than they hate themselves. For the women, self-hatred is the driver.

  15. Steve
    April 29, 2020 at 12:51 pm

    “Pride is one of the few precious moments of relief we are allowed from this frustrating, constrained existence.”

    What a joke some of these people are. ‘Pride’ doesn’t ‘offer relief’ nor does it ‘celebrate’ LBGT – its a parade of perversion. And you like that stuff? Fine. You want to have a parade about it? Fine. But don’t pretend that its about LGBT nor that the other 364 days of the year you’re living under repression.

    Oh, no, someone said mean things about me on the internet that I say about myself on the internet – let’s get Youtube to shut them down while simultaneously crying about how powerless my rich little ass is.

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