Tee Hee Rod, Oh, Tee Hee

The police have also said they are worried about something called “crime” being committed during this lockdown. I think it is time we created some sort of institution — perhaps uniformed and given special powers — to fight this while the police harass people out for a walk and poke through our groceries.

Although, actually, it’s not all that funny, is it?

17 thoughts on “Tee Hee Rod, Oh, Tee Hee”

  1. Hilarious, actually. And laughter is essential for sanity. “All mirth is good”, as Spinoza said.

  2. I’m so ancient that I can remember when the police were quite well thought of, outside London at least. But then Spangles were still on sale, there were no blue Smarties, and I wore shorts.

    Mind you, I’ve returned to wearing shorts. No man with finely turned calves should hide them.

  3. Spangles – Old English – Marvellous.

    Small boys isn’t it? Jumpers for goalposts, Fray Bentos for tea.

    Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone – cheating foreign players with strange accents.

  4. I’ve just wiki’d Spangles. Apparently, fond remembrance of them is shorthand for lazy nostalgia.

    Bastards. It’s not enough that one can no longer buy them. One must also be sneered at.

  5. I remember spangles from Xmas selection boxes, they were always eaten last after all the chocolate was gone.

  6. We need the B-ark strategy. Split the police into two separate institutions, one called Police and one called something ridiculous like Civil Order Protection. Gradually defund the latter. Job done.

    Same trick could be applied to Public Health England; though they’re so fundamentally compromised that we might as well close them entirely.

  7. I think David Icke is a sadly deluded individual, but he should be free to say what the hell he wants. We can decide for ourselves whether or not to believe him. It is very frightening when governments decide to seek to ban what they consider to be fake news. Next step will be governments using emergency measures to prevent people questioning government policy.


  8. ‘I think it is time we created some sort of institution’

    Always, the statist solution.

    The ‘Merican solution? Just shoot the fvckers.

    ‘The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.’ – Robert Peel

  9. Spangle wrappers could be used to repair the windscreen wipers on a Morris Minor. On that I speak with authority.

  10. Spangles! A Proustian ‘madeleine moment’ for me…sucking Spangles on a hot day while tickling trout from the bosky banks of a country stream, as the family dog chewed a stick…surreptiously slipping one into my mouth as the sadistic pipe-smoking Latin master, cane in hand, passed by during the weekly vocabulary test…enjoying the fizzy ones and the mystery flavours on long car journeys…finding a packet in my Christmas stocking…Happy days…

  11. “Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone – cheating foreign players with strange accents.“

    Didn’t Rocher play in midfield for Wigan?

  12. How to win hearts and minds the Manchester plod way.
    Manchester police have previous – back in James Anderson’s day as chief Mancunion plod in the 80’s (when spangles could be bought for tuppence ) Jamie was God’s copper and encouraged his men to be aggressive and heavy handed especially if you lived round princess parkway as I did then. Regularly got stopped (and I’m white for FFS !) on suspicion I’d nicked the car I was driving ( Ford Cortina mk 2) Would make me recite the reg and open the boot.

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