That Stalinist NHS

Boris Johnson has been forced to shift strategy on the government’s testing regime for coronavirus after criticism of the slow pace of checks being carried out on frontline NHS staff.

Private laboratories are now being drafted in to do the tests where before these were being performed through a centralised process.

Cue someone complaining about capitalists profiting from the NHS in 3…2…1…

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  1. A combative post from a COVID-19 survivor and auto-didact expert in public health:

    Richard Murphy says:
    April 2 2020 at 10:34 am

    Social media is the only way to fight this

    I am waiting for the gagging order…

  2. Depends how you phrase it.

    “Private companies hired to do testing”: Nooo, how dare you waste precious NHS money on money-grubbing private profits?!?!?

    “Private laboratories commandeered”: Excellent, more state control. *spud rubs greedy hands*

  3. Is this the famous “privatisation of the NHS” that Labour has been whingeing about since 1992?

  4. There are already folks whingeing that BUPA et al are charging the NHS for beds they make available, when (of course) they should be provided free to ‘the envy of the world’.

  5. I love watching POTUS briefings, demonstrating that with lighter regulation the private sector is more responsive to changed circumstances and needs than any official public health body.

  6. The shelf-life of a negative test result is about 60 seconds.

    Testing on ‘front line staff’ is only of any use if it is carried out at least daily and prior to their shift starting before they enter the hospital.

    And what about ‘non front line staff’, can’t they introduce the virus into the hospital?

    The only effective way is to barrier nurse all vulnerable patients in hospitals, or move them to specialised isolation facilities which already exist to deal with dangerous diseases.

    I hear nurses, identified from their uniforms, travelling to and from work are being picked on (boo hoo) for some reason by members of the public. Nurses should not be wearing their uniforms to and from work. They are taking pathogens out of the hospital and risk cross-infecting anyone/anything (including their own homes and families) with which they come into contact, plus they risk introducing pathogens into the hospital picked up at home or on the way to work.

    This is a failure of proper infection control and seems common place.

  7. John B, back when I was nursing, albeit in the military. Dress code was normal uniform to and from hospital and change to nursing uniform in the hospital. Clean tunics everyday, tunics turned into laundry at the end of every shift. Nurses should never, ever be travelling to/from work in nursing uniforms.

  8. Another spontaneous community doorstep clap for “our NHS” is scheduled for 8pm this evening.

    I’ll be on another unnecessary journey.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    John B,

    I think the issue is those who are having to stay off due to someone in their household self isolating because they shown symptoms, and it’s not a small number. The complaint is that they aren’t being tested so they can get to work. Fair enough, but that does mean they can’t go home afterward and nobody is talking about that problem.

  10. Another spontaneous community doorstep clap for “our NHS” is scheduled for 8pm this evening.
    Don’t ever be the first to stop clapping.

  11. I was in Tesco, and after having herded the customers just because they could, they tannoyed that we should clap at 8pm. I just carried on shopping down two aisles, but nobody noticed because there was hardly anyone in there.

    Every single item in the store was limited to three per customer. Must be great for those with big families trying to minimise shopping trips.

  12. @Ljh April 2, 2020 at 11:21 am

    President Trump scolds Fox guy: Are you working for CNN now?

    President Trump Good Here Too

    Ignore channel’s Left EU titles

    eg USA CV-19 deaths now over 5,000 – Yes and? UK at 2,352 with 1/5th population of USA. Trump proved correct for shutting borders despite EU, UN, WHO, Left screaming Racist

    USA Epicentres: Left sanctuary cities NYC, New Orleans…


    Left distortion: Gov’t has hired BUPA, Spire etc facilities – I’d bet total cost per patient lower than NHS if numbers crunched

    @John B



    Can’t Dr. Peston just concentrate on things he’s good at, such as causing a run on a bank?

    Clap for NHS? Silence here as last week – good. When did “spontaneous” become “organised by BBC & C4”?

  13. According to wife who was ICU nurse for a couple of decades usual to go in wearing a spare pair of scrubs and change into clean scrubs at work then change back to come home, after a 12 hour shift on your feet scrubs are simple and easy to change into/out of. Also don’t forget will be usually be wearing disposable apron etc over scrubs while working especially with infectious patients.

    Changing facilities etc. often limited at hospital

    Her comment on people bringing up the ‘your wife is a nurse and aren’t you worried’ is that it’s insulting her as a professional to say she’d put her family or others at undue risk.

  14. Her comment on people bringing up the ‘your wife is a nurse and aren’t you worried’ is that it’s insulting her as a professional to say she’d put her family or others at undue risk.

    The risk is higher at the moment, but ward nurses work with infections every day. It’s literally what their job is for many of them. Nurses every day across the country risk HiV, influenza, pneumonia, meningitis, campylobacter, listeria, legionnaires etc.

    Recently we were asked to praise the front line Police and Fire Service for the risks they are taking. I have no issue with that, except they also have amazingly risky jobs every single working day.

    The whole world has gone loopy. Ordinary things are now extraordinary.

  15. The UK police’s risk of real harm is extremely small–even more so today when they mostly confine themselves to pestering non-criminals.

    Numerous USA -side sqwarks about “War on Cops” have little justification. A small number of cops do die in violent incidents–but far more die from heart attacks etc on the job.

  16. Pcar, I was going to mention Northern Rock but in fairness, I couldn’t quickly find anything on the web which outright blamed him.
    Saw lots of stuff about how he’s a wanker though.

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