That’s the end of the lockdown then

Dwindling supplies of carbon dioxide from ethanol plants are sparking concern about shortages of beer, soda and seltzer water – essentials for many quarantined Americans.

The possibility of a country with no beer.

Bugger that then, let that pandemic rip!

29 thoughts on “That’s the end of the lockdown then”

  1. View from the Solent

    As Monty Python pointed out in their Hollywood Bowl sketch – American beer is like making love in a canoe, they’re both fucking close to water.
    English ale don’t need no CO2 fizz.

  2. View from the Solent reminds me of the late (?) great Richard Boston, once the Graun’s (I know I know) Beer writer, in his wonderful book, Beer and Skittles where, besides quoting the American beer remark, he also said that a patient man might sit in his seat, in the pub, for some time, waiting for someone to come in and say, “It looks like rain”, whereby patient man lifts his glass to ruminatively inspect same and replies, “Yes, with the merest hint of hops”.

    NO BEER?
    WHAT? There will be blood.

  3. View from the solent should sample some of the rather strong craft brews from the USA. Forget Budweiser and Michelob, try Doggy Style from the Flying Fox brewery of Denver or Bison Butt or any number of bracing brews with alcohol levels rarely found in British pubs

  4. I’ve started drinking a lot more Aussie beer now that there are some really good craft breweries. Particularly fond of Newstead Two to the Valley, Windjammer IPA and a couple of offerings from Pirate life. I used to buy cases direct from Stone & Wood, and then they took part in the climate strike so they are dead to me now.

  5. beer, soda and seltzer water

    Unnecessarily repetitious.

    I jest of course, some decent craft beer from Yankistan today although I don’t share their fondness for super-hopped 7%-plus IPAs.

    There’s several craft breweries in Hong Kong these days. Young Master and Gweilo are worth checking out. When I first came here it was Tsingtao, Heineken or Blue Girl…

    When I was a lad I don’t think any breweries survived in Cheshire, the nearest being Robinson’s in Stockport. Today there’s more than a dozen. Weetwood and Spitting Feathers both recommended.

  6. John Wilkinson,

    I work away from home a lot and, when I do, I drink alone. Some people have suggested to me that to do so means I have a problem. My response is along the lines of: I don’t want to drink tea or coffee in the evening and I rarely drink soft drinks, and certainly not Coke. What I enjoy drinking in the evening is a beer, red wine or a nip of whisky. I do so because I enjoy the taste, so that is what I drink.

  7. Since about 1980 some of the best beers in the world have been made in the States. Before then? Not so much, though there was always Anchor.

  8. “. . . with nobody else.”

    Any babe who wants to come drink with me is welcome. But none have come to the door in the last 25 years.

    I didn’t know CO2 was added. I assumed it was the natural result of fermentation.

    It should be labeled, “CO2 added,” if it is. IPAs should say “Organic CO2 added.”

  9. The Small Beer Brewing Company do a good line in lower alcohol beers.

    I know I know. But they actually taste nice. Like beer.

    Mail order too. From somewhere in London.

  10. Talking of Robinson’s, I found some Old Tom in Sainsbury’s last week for our Friday evening ‘pub over Teams’ session. Also they had Theakston’s Old Peculier. I generally prefer that from the barrel rather than the bottle, especially in pubs near Masham as I find it doesn’t travel well.

    As for US beers, Anchor Steam is fine, as is Sam Adams. I’ve also had some good brews in the Faultline Brewery in Sunnyvale.

  11. If you have to pump in CO2 to make your beer fizzy, you’re Doing It Wrong….

    As for US style IPA’s…. *ahem* ….. [pops a belgian tripel] 😛

  12. Chimay blue, anyone?

    Chimay Triple for me, and Triples all the way with the Belgians. Not that I’ve had any for years since they (beers in general) make me ill. Maybe wheat? But I don’t think I’m celiac. That was a disappointing discovery to say the least. It’s a loss but good health is better.

  13. You don’t need CO2 to make the beer fizzy, chaps, you need CO2 to exclude air from your system when you’re bottling and begging. Oxidation kills beer.

    Source: am a brewer.

  14. @Noel C

    I hope Trump is informed and kicks FDA’s butt again

    It’s same as UK Ventilator fiasco: NHS/MHRA kept changing specs thus Dyson, GTech, Red Bull & Renault wasted time and money for nothing


    +1 and to deliver it from store to beer tap

  15. Beer does give off CO2, but that is not at sufficient concentrations even if there was a way to capture it. CO2 has to be pumped into the tank holding the beer as it is drained, bottles are flushed with CO2 before filling, and a CO2 cushion is added before capping.

  16. The Pedant-General

    Well I think we need to ask Frank Zappa about this:

    “Every major industrialized nation has A BEER (you can’t be a Real Country unless you have A BEER and an airline—it helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need A BEER)”


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