The Curajus State goes out of copyright next year!

Don’t fight there as you line up to produce the generic versions:

Second, reform patent and copyright law. Anything much beyond ten years is unnecessary, I think: ideas cannot be owned in perpetuity. And yes, some rock stars will protest. Tough luck: just keep touring.

We should also abolish supply and demand, of course we should:

Fourth, rent controls have to be considered when it is rent that has, for example, hollowed out our High Streets. This sector enjoys far too many rights, many of which need to be challenged.

Just what will the Jersey Royal come up with next?

16 thoughts on “The Curajus State goes out of copyright next year!”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    Jersey Royal? Pur-lease!

    Why not Orwell on account of its East Anglian reference or the eponymous author who created a dystopia where man and pig were indistinguishable from one another, a characteristic which today is impressively embodied in the person of Capt. Potato himself?

  2. I think Laura suits him better:

    Laura is a mid-season-ripening, firm-fleshed, edible potato. The Laura potato is red-skinned with a rich potato-yellow flesh color and an oval shape. It was first recognised in 1998 in Austria. The depth of the eyes is between flat and very flat.

  3. Has he looked at how long it takes to get a new drug approved by the FDA and the MHRA? Twelve years in the USA, on average.
    So no patent protection for a majority of drugs.

  4. He really has a sad-on about IP for some reason. He once claimed people only used it as a tax dodge.

    Which was a surprise to me as an IP professional (all of my clients use it more or less as intended), and I tried to take him to task for it (how naïve of me, lol) but of course he wouldn’t have it…

  5. I thought that the high street had been hollowed out by the personal preferences of shoppers choosing to buy from the vastly increased selection available to them online. That shouldn’t be allowed implies Spud. But I expect he only buys his goods from the bespoke gentleman’s outfitters, the independent bookseller and the co-operative on his local high street like he’s back in the 1950s.

    If Blogs were like shoes used to be and you had to go to a specific shop between specific hours to obtain them, Spud would be screwed. No one would have heard of him or his ideas and the world would be a happier place – if still stuck with the retail offering of 30 years ago.

  6. Abacab, his reason, like most socialists, is envy. Envy burns in him like a phosphorus fire – bright, hot and unquenchable. He is envious of those with status, those with business success, those with successful ideas and, most importantly, those with money.

    His motivation to tax and redistribute is bring those others down; to take that from them.

    Pure and simple.

  7. “And yes, some rock stars will protest. ”

    Actually.. quite a lot wouldn’t. And quite a lot don’t own the copyright to their work. The Studios do…..
    Now if Spuddo wants to take on Disney™ ( to name but one of the Worthies ) and their notions of what and how long they can own stuff for, or the USPTO about what is actually ‘new and original” , he’s welcome to try.

    Not that those monoliths won’t swat him like the fly he is….. But he’s welcome to try…

  8. IP is hopelessly bent.Performances get hardly any time. Sheet music is like books. So rock musicians are screwed compared to composers.

    Books still assume authors die young, so last far beyond death to protect a potentially young family.

    Patents last from application, even if the state restricts usage.

    I’m all for IP, but it needs a shakeup worldwide. Works (books, films, songs, artworks) need to be fifty years flat. Patents should be ten years from access to the market.

  9. @TW

    You are attributing snippa too much status by naming him after Class 1 potatoes

    Wonky Potato more appropriate, in our experience they rot quickly, rather than sprouting as others do

  10. He doesn’t understand copyright. You can’t copyright an idea, only a published *expression* of an idea. His knowledge has no start.

  11. You can patent some good ideas, via inventions, but they need to be novel and work.

    You can copyright any expression you like. No need to be novel or functional.

    Trademarks can sort of protect some ideas, but only those where the real value lies closely linked to the name.

    Ideas, as such, aren’t covered by IP at all.

    I presume, based on his dislike of all IP, that La Petit Pomme de Terre opposes trademarks as well. Although I imagine he would have taken massive umbrage at any offending relative to Trivial Pursuit.

  12. Times bad for Murphy. He’s got the begging bowl out and is asking for donations from his followers now.

  13. Actually, this is not a novel idea.

    I can clearly remember a QI programme in which Stephen Fry explained how the Yankees screwed Victorian Authors and composers – Charles Dickens and Gilbert and Sullivan – out of their royalties because of their non adherence to UK copyright etc.

    At the beginning of the industrial revolution patents and copyright were only 5 years or so, and mill owners therefore could rather quickly introduce innovations in their factories, aiding the growth of the UK textile industry as a whole.

    And Adolf Galland, the German WWII ace, did not respect the Disney copyright as he had a Mickey Mouse painted on his aircraft…

    Current copyright rules are in serious need of overhaul.

    And we should let the Yankees pay us royalties on every capital letter they use as upper and lower case letters were the invention of our own Honarable Bede.

  14. Does Russia now adhere to the international copyright laws? Lenin and co certainly didn’t, which meant, among other things, that Stravinsky had to rewrite all his famous early scores in order to obtain royalties to live on.

    Also, do you think there would be interest in doing a pop-up version of The Joy of Tax?

  15. It was, as every student of 1066 and all that will recall, the Venomous Bede. But Bede didn’t invent lower case, that was Alcuin of York working for Charlemagne.

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