The Guardian on rumpy pumpy

Quarantine encourages the prosperity of sexual exploration. In the absence of consequence, there’s an abundance of freedom

They do like to make things complicated, use long words, don’t they?

9 thoughts on “The Guardian on rumpy pumpy”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    It’s not so much making things complicated, it’s about having nothing much to say and using odd language to convey it. What is “prosperity of sexual exploration” and there is never “an absence of consequence” in anything we do. Her opening sentence begins “It’s with an almost nascent nostalgia…” utter piffle but meant to sound clever.

  2. Typical leftie flatulence. Faux-academic style to try and buy undeserved credibility.

    Clearly the author is highly qualified in grievance studies.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    If we assume the virus is taking those who would have died early anyway, it means the the average live expectancy of the survivors is going up and there’s more survivors.

    Won’t that have an effect on the CBA calculations?

  4. ‘The TL:DR version would seem to be: Gen Z is a bunch of wankers.’

    Thanks MC, for saving me the trouble of trying to read that.

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