The Telegraph is becoming very Daily Mail

Police launch murder investigation after family of four is found dead at their £500,000 home

Gotta get that house price in the headline.

Although given prices in the south that’s a hovel, right?

11 thoughts on “The Telegraph is becoming very Daily Mail”

  1. “The Sussex murders were the latest in a string of cases at the weekend at the end of Britain’s first week on lockdown, following concerns raised when the measures were imposed of a possible increase in domestic violence and mental health issues.”

    Normally the tabloids create false links, e.g. “the drug dealer’s death in Dundee came shortly after an old lady fell down the stairs in Exeter”; but for once they’ve got a good point.

  2. View from the Solent

    ‘the family … is’ or
    ‘the family … are’

    I’d go for ‘is’, on the basis that ‘the family’ is a singular collective noun. But then I’m a pendant.

    Let battle commence.

  3. The Telegraph has a picture. Looks like a mansion to me. Perhaps they paid half a mil for it twenty years ago.

  4. RlJ

    Look again? The first floor up is dorma (and apart of from that it’s all ground floor only)! It was perhaps just a bungalow before this chap (a builder) started doing a bit of extension work…

  5. View from the Solent

    ‘of four’ is just an adjectival phrase qualifying the noun ‘family’.

    The families … are …
    The family … is …

    N’est ce pas?

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