There’s a solution here

And now comes my ‘but’. And this is a very big ‘but’. But because the government has not announced any extension to this scheme, and nor has it given any indication that lockdown will cease by the end of May, well advised large employers who know that they have to undertake a statutory consultancy period with their staff on redundancy arrangements will begin issuing redundancy notices to maybe millions of people tomorrow, because if staff cannot be paid after 1 June when the furlough scheme ends that’s when notice has to be given and the consultations need to begin. For smaller companies (employing less than 100 people) the date when notice is required is later: they will need to issue the redundancy notices at the end of the month.

Why not kill the bureaucratic requirement that causes the problem?

After all, it could, just possibly, be true that the solution to an excess of government is less government.

9 thoughts on “There’s a solution here”

  1. “tomorrow”

    Is that going to be another of his stupid predictions (as in, too short term) that we can check in the next few days and know that – yet again – he’s got it wrong?

    Wasn’t 10,000 deaths his opening bid last time…..

  2. Dennis, Odin's Tax Collector

    And now comes my ‘but’.

    If he doesn’t say this every time he looks in a mirror, he should.

  3. Don’t forget that was daily deaths, no doubt now we’ve had the highest recorded week at 16k he will be claiming that supports his claims

  4. The latest is that HMRC aren’t going to manage to get their systems up in time for the end of April to get the 80% payments out for furloughed staff

    So he can forget statutory redundancy consultations – unless the civil service pulls its finger out, a lot of businesses aren’t going to survive this month’s payroll.

  5. RichardT–It was always on the cards. Bureaucracy has its limits and the banks are already telling the needy to buggeroff anyway. Add in the arrogant attitude of that turd Sunak in his latest speech “Ruined? Tough shit mate–we got it right” and you can see Blojo and the gang sleepwalking to their doom.

    All the fuckwits need to do is to announce another 3 weeks of this shit tomorrow.

    Just seen a newspaper headline–during a shop visit–“Britain’s worst recession for 100 years (ie worse–substantially– than the Great Depression)–but we’ll be alright in three months”

    And it will be all over by Christmas.

  6. @Mr Ecks

    Another 2-3 week shutdown will not might be announced

    Sunak is pretty much a lone voice demanding end shutdown – Gove, Hancock, Rabb want it to continue

    Politicians care about their own image only (I saved a life), not what is best for country

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