They’re safe you see

Llandudno marauders: the herd of goats running riot through a Welsh town
Taking advantage of the town’s deserted streets because of the coronavirus lockdown, the goats have been branded vandals for munching through gardens

Now sheep would be worried, goats are safe in that part of the world…..

12 thoughts on “They’re safe you see”

  1. Is an example of how quickly nature would reclaim the earth if we were to disappear.
    For all the eco-fascist guff about how we at having a major impact, destroying the planet etc etc, we haven’t even been gone a couple of weeks (and not really gone – still plenty of people moving around) and the wildlife is already starting to reclaim the world.

  2. The goats usually live on the Great Orme, which abuts the western edge of Llandudno, so wandering into town isn’t that unusual.

    We had a family holiday in Llandudno in the 60s – I went back there for a conference a few years ago to find that nothing had changed. Some sort of force field round the place, I reckon.

  3. Some sort of force field round the place, I reckon.

    It’s called “North Wales”. 🙂

  4. Yup. And monkeys here that are normally fed by tourists are raiding the town because they are starving. And don’t ask about the elephants, they cost about 15 quid a day to feed and there’s no money.

  5. Would Wales like some coyotes? We could probably ship a few over from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

  6. @TD

    Would love some.
    So boring in this part of Wales (and the UK in general) in terms of wildlife.
    A few wild goats, the odd deer and maybe a badger.
    I ran over a pheasant once. Daft thing dove under the wheels of my truck.

    Was a bit of a culture surprise going to eastern Europe and having a pack of twenty stray dogs trot past in the street.

    It might be why some people have a rose tinted view of nature in the UK and large cities in general. Their closest interaction with nature is watching cute badgers and cubs frolicking on TV.

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