This is entirely fair

Up to 100,000 workers falling through furlough cracks
Bar staff and waiters also lose out as tips are excluded from furlough scheme during coronavirus lockdown

Assuming that the boss is not an idiot and the tip system has been set up the right way you do not pay national insurance upon tips. So, you don’t gain insurance from the national scheme against that loss of income.


4 thoughts on “This is entirely fair”

  1. Our local tells me (via the village FB page) that though they’d like to do takeaways and off sales, they still have had no clarification as to how this would affect their (and their staff’s) entitlement to other government support, so they’re reluctantly sitting it out in their garden.

  2. Isn’t the point of minimum wage that these jobs shouldn’t just be relying on tips, wife has friends that did waitressing in a high end restaurant, said on a good night they made more than doing a overtime shift nursing.
    One response to minimum wage driving up costs has been for some places to try out no-tip schemes as they know the consumer factors the tip into the cost of the meal.

  3. @Chris Miller

    I’ve seen reports that ‘furlonged’ staff doing volunteer work are having their ‘benefits’ removed. Asked around and confirmed by chaps I know

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