This is how it’s gonna be Honey

Meghan Markle plans to return to acting but will only work with A-list directors in the hopes of securing a breakout role, an industry source told
The former Suits actress is worried critics are going to be hard on her so she needs to nab a breakout role with the right director attached to the project
The Duchess of Sussex has ‘been telling her agents that she wants Ava DuVernay involved, and that they need to find the right script,’ the insider added
Although Meghan has received lots of offers, ‘she thinks the majority of them are cheesy and beneath her’

Cheesy is what the work’s gonna be.

Although there’s a possible script out there, a combination of Frozen and whichever one of the Jane Austens the line occurs in. Imagine the prole meeting the Prince, getting hitched ‘n’all. With the final line breaking the fourth wall and straight to camera “And then, viewer, I married him”.

Pretty cool, eh? Definitely worth some repeat fees when it goes into syndication on the Hallmark channel.

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  1. She’s already written the script.Now all she needs to do is find someone a bit younger to play herself.

  2. How’s that going to work when they have only a year? It’s going to take a year to make any kind of film minimus, on top of finding a script, a producer and director. Then 6 month release and see how it does before going back to Her Maj to say – “is Frogmore let out M’am?”
    however Meg’s a go gettin gal, i’m sure something will happen/get made. The question is how will it go down? And even in the best A graders it’s still only what a 30% hit rate?

    p.s. I reckon sword and fantasy or a star wars type thing has the best chance. Not a lead but a guest starring.

  3. allthegoodnamesaretaken

    At least she won’t have to suck off Harvey Weinstein to land the role of her dreams.

  4. An A list director? You didn’t work with one when you were a young actress, why do you think you’re going to get one now when you’re the wrong side of 35?

    What she’s mostly going to get offered are small parts that then mean the studio can get some cheap publicity based on her presence. But no-one’s going to risk an A list part on her. To echo Bravefart, she isn’t very pretty nor is she rated as a great actress.

  5. I bet she’s cursing her luck now, not the best time to leave the financial safety net of the Civil List and jump into the commercial world, at the start of the Great Depression Mk 2…………….not much call suddenly for extravagant wokeness.

  6. BraveFart said:
    “The main problem is that she just ain’t very pretty.”

    I should think the bigger problem, from what she’s saying here, is that any director is going to be thinking she must be a bloody nightmare to work with.

    Doesn’t sound like she’s going to be good at taking direction, but (as BonM4 said) she’s not known for being a great actress so probably needs a lot of direction to get anything worthwhile out of her.

    Arrogant, a huge sense of self-entitlement, and doesn’t realise that she’s not actually very good at what she does – is it just me, or does that sound like someone else who is often discussed on this blog?

  7. She’s probably too old to move on to a Russian oligarch but she may have a future in commercials for insurance, toothpaste and hair straightener.

  8. Meghan Markle plans to return to acting but will only work with A-list directors

    I plan on winning the lottery but will only sleep with the lingerie models with the big boobies.

  9. A remake of the “Prince and the Showgirl” is the obvious candidate.

    Given the traumatic shoot of that little gem–the producers should also shoot a secret “film of the filming” and issue it as a “reality comedy” thus re-couping their losses on the actual movie and gaining a substantial profit into the bargain.

  10. There was another spin off from that film: my week with Marylin – factoid autobiographical story about alan clarke’s brother colin.
    So agree with X that a film where her Nibs can claim to be the star – but in reality not have too much screentime might fit the bill

  11. Markle seems to have failed to learn that being a ‘duchess’ doesn’t mean squat in America. Some prissy girls like the monarchy thing, but they are too few to fill movie theaters. Her ego is pushing her to failure.

  12. Isn’t the problem that she’s too well-known? It’s like watching any film with Jennifer Aniston or Matt LeBlanc – they’ll always be Rachel and Joey from Friends.

  13. Would a studio touch her with anything beyond cheesy? They know the movie will be mocked. At least with something cheesy or maybe a kids movie, it might create some interest.

    And she can’t take a role that’s too edgy, political, sexy, potty mouthed. What’s left? A period piece maybe?

    And does she credit herself as Meghan Markle or does she go full taking of the piss with the whole Duchess thing?

  14. Don’t A-list directors have reputations to protect? Then there’s the money-men who will assess the risk of funding a Merky-movie before handing over their dosh, and they will want a return on their investment.

    Me-Me-Meghan persists in the belief that everyone is there to serve her interests and have none of their own.

  15. “Unless the divorce has already come through”

    What are the current odds it will happen in less than 5 years?

  16. “A-list directors”

    Ah yes, like Clooney and other actors who become director of their own movie which flops and goes DVD fast

    To echo Bravefart, she isn’t very pretty nor is she rated as a great actress
    Her acting skills are: conning & smirking, body might be OK but she’ll not do topless or kissy. CBeebies might hire her

    She’s an evil gold digger and Harry is a gullible fool


    +1 Nightmare like that Hollyoaks’ Sinead actress that took method acting to extremes and lived character’s infidelity, abusive, sex, drink, drugs, hooker, suicide life

    @Peter Briffa

    +1 on remake of Edward and Mrs Simpson: miserable couple self-exiled over the sea


    Markle thought she’d be a Princess by marrying Prince Harry, when reality hit she was furious

  17. ‘Markle thought she’d be a Princess by marrying Prince Harry, when reality hit she was furious’

    What, no youtube video of it?

    Would probably break the internet.

  18. Ljh said:
    “She’s probably too old to move on to a Russian oligarch”

    Someone who likes the idea of a Duchess but owns enough houses / islands / boats that he doesn’t need to actually live with her? Greek shipping tycoon perhaps?

  19. Doesn’t quite work. The title is hers by marriage, thus ceases to be hers upon remarriage.

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