This will work well

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have told the editors of British tabloid newspapers that they will never again deal with their outlets, in an unprecedented direct attack on a large part of the media that leaves little chance of repairing the relationship.

A large part of the value of celebrity is that you get press coverage you couldn’t buy. Killing off a significant part of your value ain’t the way to do it, Son.

14 thoughts on “This will work well”

  1. Ahahhahhhaaaa!

    Cue whining in a few months on the few media outlets they will deal with…
    “Why are we being ignored by the media?”

    I thought these royal types had lackeys that would tell them when they’re being complete f*kwits.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    Tweaking the tail of the tabloids will probably have the opposited effect from that which His Peevishness & Her Petulance desire.

  3. So that’s just the Terriblegraph then? Otherwise, no-one apart from the tabloids gives two shits about them.

  4. For people who couldn’t wait to get away from the UK, they seem remarkably interested in what the UK has to say about them. Surely they are living the Hollywood life of eternal sunshine and people telling them how wonderful they are?? Why should they care what the papers say in a damp little island off Europe?

  5. I actually feel sorry for Harry. I think he was at an emotionally vulnerable time and was targeted by an ‘adventuress’, as they used to say.

    He’s paying for it now.

  6. I guess this is the opening salvo of lawfare. By saying they aren’t going to corroborate or deny articles in advance Megs and Hal are hoping to pile on the risk for the publishers. Possibly that the papers’ legal teams get skittish and do the censorship for them. Or unable to resist a story, they get it wrong in a big way and megs and Hal can bring down a legal ton of bricks on them

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    As I’ve said before, he’s still respected within and by the veteran community for the work he does with and amongst them.

    I’m only saying it again to give me a chance to shamelessly plug a charity he does work with. These guys are usually first in to a disaster area and make it safe for NGOs to go in and start work.

    Using a military approach, we create order in the chaos caused by disaster, deploying teams of highly skilled volunteers to provide life-saving aid to those who need it most.

    They’ve also done a serious amount of work supporting the emergency services during this crises:

    Team Rubicon UK is standing up its capability and bringing in our disaster response expertise to help the UK to overcome the biggest peace-time challenge it has ever faced.

    We have been working alongside the UK Government, British Armed Forces and the UK Voluntary and Community Sector to set up a national cell to organise and coordinate volunteers.

    With the launch of Op RE:ACT, Team Rubicon UK is mobilising the UK’s military veterans who have answered the nation’s call for volunteers.

    Our veterans have served their country with pride and distinction and they’re ready to step forward to serve again, this time on home soil. Now more than ever their unique skills and experience can help to protect and save UK lives.

  8. Breitbart:

    ‘The California-based pair sent a letter to editors of the Sun, Mirror, Mail and Express titles and websites expressing their disappointment at their portrayal, with a representative saying the pair had taken the step due to “distorted, false or invasive” stories.’

    ‘In a letter released to the Guardian newspaper via a public relations firm, they said they will refuse enquiries from journalists representing those UK publications.’

    I see what they did here. Rather than ‘refuse enquiries from journalists,’ they contacted the Guardian to say that they were going to ‘refuse enquiries from journalists.’

    One hardly needs a PR firm to refuse inquiries. One doesn’t need to send letters to say they aren’t going to reply. Just don’t reply.

  9. If they thought the Mail and Sun were mean to them before (personally, i think they’ve been quite reasonable), what do they think happens now that the Mail and Sun don’t have to worry about losing access to them for a nice photoshoot or interview?

  10. Harry is being attacked by msm today for…

    … Telling Brits CV-19 is not as dangerous as hysterical media portray

    Agree with Harry

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