Times subs!

With 14.6 million passengers last year, Jet2 is Britain’s third largest scheduled airline after Easyjet and British Airways. Before the crisis, shares in Dart hit a record high of £19.46, valuing the company at £2.9 billion. Those shares closed down £13, or 2 per cent, yesterday at 599p.

They’re down £13 from their peak and down 2% yesterday but not £13 is 2%.

4 thoughts on “Times subs!”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Reading that is dizzying, how do they expect numerate, let alone innumerate, people to digest and understand what they’re saying quickly and easily?

  2. They learn in journalism school that understanding arithmetic will often interfere with the point you are trying to make and might force you into making conclusions you don’t like.

  3. @BiND

    Thanks to Blair’s Educushion, Edusleepy, Edudopey few under 30 are literate or numerate. Thus most newspapers don’t bother with subs or accuracy

  4. Subs are generally (more so these days) under 30, which is why they’re often illiterate and innumerate. I regularly tell The Times that they need to employ someone with at least a GCSE in a STEM subject, who might (for instance) understand the difference between power and energy.

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