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The Tax After Coronavirus (TACs) project is a new initiative that I am creating which will be published in the first instance as a series of posts on this blog.

No bugger’s agreed to pay me as yet so I’ll scribble it up for the one place I can publish at.

I am applying for funding for this project, but if I don’t get it donations might help. Like so many others, my income looks like it might be well down quite soon. I cease employment quite soon and everything else I do is project-based, and that’s very uncertain right now. I will be opening an appeal soon.

Hey! Let’s put on the funding, right here, in the barn!

The loopholes, abuses, unfair tax rates and other injustices that have plagued UK tax for so long need to be swept away to achieve that goal.

A prediction – unfair tax rates do not mean those that are too high.

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  1. I hope “Dick” isn’t spreading himself too thin. We have been successful in getting a grant from the Wilhelm Reich Foundation to produce a set of videos about the history and practice of felching. This is going to be ground-breaking.

  2. Hang on, he’s been telling us bout the impending economic collapse, which means there won’t be any inflation. In MMT World (‘It’s how things really work don’tchaknow) we only tax to control inflation.

    So if there’s no inflation (and indeed the world needs to put a lot of capacity back to work), remind me again why we need taxation ?

    You could see how somebody lacking Spud’s level of intelligemence could get confused.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ I am applying for funding for this project,” he said, to the surprise of nobody who knows him.

  4. Worzel

    Very good point. Except I think I detect yet another shift in what Murphy believes and had always believed.In his very latest post he gives us yet agsin the 6 rains for tax. And yet now it seems fundy governmment spendimg is sorta one of them.

    Your understanding that he didn’t believe that is erroneous and you dorks be ashamed.

    Or it might be that a combination of a) Tim Worstall pontimg out ‘tax to curb inflation’ is just the same old ‘tax now or tax later’ equation it always was and b) his necesaary response to the MMTers arguing we don’t need tax at all

    Either way, he’s a shite.

  5. The unfair too high taxes could well be a source of income for him. Lots of tottering businesses e.g. Debenhams presumably swishing down the drain a ce moment will be looking to make their pitch for moolah or breaks under the guise of re-viving the traditional Blighty high street.

  6. I see this being an opportunity for a lot of companies with retail/food/cafe outlets to cull the lower performers and slimline the business and be able foist the blame on something else.
    The economy we come back to is not going to be the economy we left, a lot of small businesses aren’t going to make it and a lot of larger ones will be smaller

  7. What tax? going to be a lot of losses to take into account in corporation tax for next year and 3 months of a reasonable % of people paying PAYE not paying any PAYE is going to leave a big hole.
    Asset values down so even those liquidating assets to keep afloat won’t likely be paying much
    CGT, and no doubt VAT receipts aren’t looking to good at the moment.
    The corporate tax take could even be down for a couple of years if companies have to carry losses forward.
    You screw the economy you screw the tax base along with it

  8. as a project listing all the tax streams and assessing the impact of the lockdown could be interesting, I doubt many people are buying/selling houses right now and associated tax take.
    I suppose if inheritance tax take has gone up that will no doubt mean a media rant on govt cashing in on deaths.

  9. @Ummmm

    Yes, “an unacceptable level of loss of life [from our new thing*]” for media. Gov panics and reacts:

    For his and other politicians’ image. Not for best interest of Country

    MPs should be ignoring hysterical media and robustly explaining why closing economy is much worse for country than a short spike in deaths

    * Media: peeps bored with Syria, Brexit, Israel, Gaza… we need a new scare, death, emotional story

    Coronavirus crisis is teaching us a lot about so-called experts
    There were profound implications and trillions of dollars spent based on the fear that the experts’ [GIGO] models were correct

    It’s also teaching us a lot about the so-called impartial media…:

    Re: “With” not “From”

    NHS & ONS are being clear it’s “with”

    Every BBC R4 News etc I heard today says “Died From Coronavirus” – not much accuracy, truth and impartiality in BBC News, yes News not opinion

    Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey appears on the show to discuss the latest developments with the coronavirus including the increasing number of NHS staff deaths.
    Piers Morgan has a hysterical rant and of course says “Died From Coronavirus”

    “Care Home Deaths Not in Stats Yet” – same as previous years

    Care Home PPE – unless state run, not Gov responsibility. Why didn’t they and NHS Trusts order more PPE in Dec Jan, Feb and early March?

    Piers and Minister ignorant on VAT too. UK Gov can only change VAT status if EU gives permission. Therese Coffey should have said “I don’t know, ask Sunak” instead of digging down rabbit hole and looking stupid.

    OTish, but interesting:

    Berlin Metro – three languages: German, English and… French? Nope; Dutch? Nope…

    wow – comments permitted

  10. Evident: I keep on thinking that Trump’s no better than Barmy, and then he goes and does something I approve of.

    No aid to the Palestinians, cut-back in aid to the Houthis and now WHO gets the chop.

    If enough Yanks think like me – ok, I’ll agree that’s a really nasty suggestion – Trump is a certainty to be re-elected.

  11. Yipee!

    President Trump announces the United States will stop funding the World Health Organization due to handling of the coronavirus pandemic

    BoJo & Morrison need to do same

    On the youtube clip, does anyone else get some garbage 4 minute DIY / glue feature thrown at you (unskippable) before any subsequent Trump / WHO video (and no, obviously, I never got that far). Or is it selective.

  12. PF. “On the youtube clip, does anyone else get some garbage 4 minute DIY / glue feature thrown at you ”

    Use Opera browser with ad blocker.

  13. djc

    Thanks, but as I mentioned to Pcar on another thread it’s probably not that. I’m using ublock, umatrix, etc (on Firefox), which does more than simply ad-blocking. It’s a 4 minute video clip that they precede the actual clip with, and which you can’t skip through at all.

    But thanks again anyway, that tells me you weren’t subjected to it and it’s probably selective to some extent (whatever criteria that might be). I also use a sandbox and regularly empty it, and block cookies anyway for you-tube, so it’s not remembering anything I’ve done before, unless it’s browser (or IP) finger printing as well, but in which case others would presumably be subjected to all sorts?

    Interesting, I just tried it again, to re-check a umatrix setting and this time (without changing anything) it ditched the 4 minute feature beforehand…. We need someone who understands youtube’s tactics with this stuff!

  14. @PF

    Try adding Ghostery too. I run NoScipt, Ghostery & uBlock origon and no adds in Firefox or Chrome

    Are you logged in to google? I’m not

  15. Pcar

    Thanks. No, never logged in (!).. There was a reason I didn’t add Ghostery (I’ll have to go back and remind myself / review, it might have been overlap or something like that?).

    But I don’t think that’s the issue here, it’s not a typical ad, it’s a feature video (ie just another perfectly normal you-tube clip, but talking about DIY and glue!) that runs before it will then allow the main clip to run subsequently. I’m not sure any sort of normal ad-blocker should be able to tell the difference?!

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