To translate this out of Dago English

The way that a foreigner uses the English language might not always be the manner that a native speaker would use it. So, as a public service I translate this from the Spanish Prime Minister.

His text:

Europe is enduring its worst crisis since the second world war. Our citizens are dying, or fighting for their lives in hospitals that are overwhelmed by a pandemic which represents the greatest threat to public health since the 1918 flu pandemic.

The European Union is facing a different war from those we have successfully averted over the past 70 years: a war against an invisible enemy that is putting the future of the European project to the test.

The circumstances are exceptional and call for unwavering positions: either we rise to this challenge or we will fail as a union. We have reached a critical juncture at which even the most fervently pro-European countries and governments, as is Spain’s case, need real proof of commitment. We need unwavering solidarity.

Solidarity between Europeans is a key principle of the EU treaties. And it is shown at times like this. Without solidarity there can be no cohesion, without cohesion there will be disaffection and the credibility of the European project will be severely damaged.

An accurate translation into colloquial English:

Give us your money. Lots and lots of it.

Thus concludes today’s public service announcement.

15 thoughts on “To translate this out of Dago English”

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  2. “those (wars) we have successfully averted over the past 70 years”?
    Which ones were they, Senor?

  3. Or: “Those of us who did the right policy had lower costs, so must pay the costs for those who got it wrong.”

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I see the Guardian’s pleading for a tax on the tech firms to subsidise their lifestyles journalism, again.

  5. “Which ones were they, Senor?”

    Particularly coming from a Dago. The only wars the Spanish have fought over the last 200 years have been against themselves. All three of which they lost.

  6. “Europe is enduring its worst crisis since the second world war”

    Really? A few countries are seeing people die in large numbers. The Eastern nations are not seeing very much at all – Hungary is up to 100 cases,for example. Is it really worse than the Serbian /Kosovo wars?

  7. ‘ Our citizens are dying, or fighting for their lives in hospitals that are overwhelmed by a pandemic…’

    About 50% of the dead were in care homes, not hospitals, where they were given the virus and died. A large number of others were already in hospital before they got the virus, many more died at home but found to have the virus after post-mortem testing to get the numbers up to justify the political panicdemic.

    Fewer have ‘overwhelmed’ hospitals than during Winter ‘flu ‘pandemics’.

  8. ‘Our citizens are dying, or fighting for their lives in hospitals that are overwhelmed by a pandemic’

    Nah. Just whelmed.

    This is a very bad time for the business of hospitals. They are virtually empty. Staffs laid off. They have reconfigured to handle the ‘overwhelmed’ that never happened.

    The governor of Michigan has banned knee/hip replacements. You’ll just have to wait. Take two Aleve twice a day.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset


    They’re starting to reopen London hospitals to do elective surgery, hip and knee replacement being top of the list because of the backlog.

  10. To be fair to Pedro Sanchez, he has had to empty the kitty in order to grease enough palms to guarantee his election. This and unusually high operating costs, what with all the extra ministries etc etc.
    And then to add insult to injury, the EU wallahs are expecting guarantees!

  11. BIS: Being a pedant, I’d point to the Spanish-American war, which Spain also lost. But I think they won the Spanish-Moroccan war.

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